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The Lightweight Urgestalt new

Written by: Herbert Krabel Added: Mon Aug 12 2013

German brand Carbon Sports introduced the Lightweight Urgestalt a few weeks before the 2013 Eurobike show, but it is not a new wheel - it is a bike. In addition to a variety of wheels Lightweight recently introduced handlebars and one may have suspected that stems would follow next, but it is indeed a frame set that this brand is launching with the slogan - frame your wheels. And unlike the wheels which are crafted in Germany, the brand decided that it is more cost effective to take the frame building to Asia, where in their view also the frame building expertise is.

The Lightweight Urgestalt basks in the sun.

It does indeed say Urgestalt on the downtube.

The seat cluster area of the Lightweight Urgestalt.

The fastener for the post is below the top tube.

The headtube tapers from 1 1/8" to 1.5"

The frame sets come with a variety of ports for the cables of different components.

The Lightweight handlebar is not included in the frame set.

Another look at the headtube and the cable port.

The monolink post is part of the package but can be had to accept standard rails.

A closer look at the dropouts of the Urgestalt.

The bottom bracket is press fit 88.5 x 41mm

The slogan of the brand best translates as - hand built for leg work.

This model was set up with a Shimano Dura-Ace mechanical group, likely for weight reasons.

And of course mechanical derailleurs.

It would have been stunning to see non Lightweight wheels on this frame.

The frame alone is reported to weigh 790 grams in a size 55cm, and the whole set with fork, post and headset 1,340 grams. We picked up the bike and it felt light, but we did not touch the frame alone.

The frame is apparently compatible with 25mm tires.

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