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sky mall 1, g defy


el catálogo de american airlines trae muchas ideas , esta es la primera que he escogido, los zapatos g defy con 3 muelles que catapultan el piè , no sabemos si seràn prohibidos pero promete el fabricante menos dolores y lesiones y mejor rendimiento..


american airlines catalog brings many ideas, and I have choosen some of them.

g defy

Introducing the first walking shoe constructed with durable Gravity Defyer technology. Constructed of sturdy black synthetic leather they have extra toe room and plenty of ventilation. They're perfectly designed for walking, hiking, or even an afternoon running errands. Whatever you need to do you'll do it longer and with less fatigue compared with regular shoes. Once you feel the unparalleled cushioning of the patented MXT-S1 sole, you'll be amazed at what more you can do.Intended for those who are looking for a harder work-out, the G-Defy will keep you on your feet longer than any other shoe. The three "smart-memory springs" of the exclusive SPD-X sole technology are concealed in the specially-engineered athletic sole. The primary shock absorber absorbs undesirable impact and propels you forward aleviating fatigue and energizing every step. Two secondary springs serve as stabilizers to support the primary spring and reduce yaw in the footware. The springs actually learn the way you walk and react to your unique stride. This high-end sports shoe is a re-envisioning of the Original GD as an athletic shoe. These have a greater flexibility than the Catapults and reduces stress during physical activity.

The shoe contains the AVS³ technology, or Air Ventilation Step Strike System, our patented cooling system. You'll feel cool and fresh with every step as the pumping action of the SPD-X sole draws air away from the footbed and expells it though a one way valve. No more hot, sticky, smelly feet. The AVS³ system will help to reduce your shoes internal temperature and reduce microbial growth. Also included is a padded, removable insole to accomodate any specialty orthotics you might use. Selected models feature the exclusive "Perfect Fit Insole," allowing the wearer to adjust the width and length of the shoe. This is ideal to aid those with bunions or other foot problems to walk in greater comfort. There is a wider heel and 20% stronger springs than the other shoes - which means less rebounding in normal walking, but greater rebounding when greater force is applied. These are perfect for people who want to push themselves a little harder, all the while still enjoying all the protection a Gravity Defyer shoe can bring.

At a glance:

* Patented Gravity Defyer Technologies: The SPD Reciprocal shock absorber system: Three coil spring system with polymer housing.
* AVS³ - Air Ventilation Step Strike System: circulates air throughout the shoe.
* Perfect-Fit Insole: Vented width adjustment layer made of anti microbial poly urethane (removable)
* Comfort-Fit Insole: Soft cushioned layer vented to interact with the Perfect-Fit Insole and AVS³ - Air Ventilation Step Strike System. It is made of anti microbial poly urethane (removable) and accommodates most orthotics.

* Construction Synthetic leather and AIR BREEZE padded mesh upper EVA mid-sole and rubber out-sole.
* Roomy toe box for comfort
* Memory Metal Spring Made in USA.
* Sole material made in Japan.
* Manufactured and assembled in China.

XLR8 (Black)
Only $139.95

Gravity Defyer Footwear is the brainchild of Alexander Elnekaveh, an inventor, engineer and entrepreneur who has designed and developed hundreds of unique inventions and holds worldwide patents for numerous gadgets and innovations.

His inventions (through his flagship company GadgetUniverse.com) have thrilled people worldwide and have been featured on television, in print. But today, you'll find Alex concentrating on Gravity Defyer Footwear.

Since Alexander introduced Gravity Defyer's to the world in June 2006 through inflight magazines (SkyMall), Gravity Defyer Footwear has swept the globe.

And there is a simple reason:

Gravity Defyers provide more value to consumers than even his most successful innovations in electronics, health & fitness, mechanical and quartz watches, sports/outdoors, spy gadgets, apparel and more. They relieve pain. They get people back on their feet. They make walking a pleasure again for people who suffer from foot related pain.

Today Alexander focuses all his considerable talents on Gravity Defyer and the satisfaction of his friends and customers.

why GD?
Gravity Defyer provides our customers the most technically advanced footwear available.

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by a number of distinct points of variance. They are:

* Commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, both in the quality of our product and customer experience. All Gravity Defyer footwear offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase in the first 30 days of use for any reason, return it to us for a prompt and courteous refund.
* Gravity Defyer recognizes that no one technology meets the needs of every individual. That is why Gravity Defyer has developed the Impact Research Technology Group-- who work constantly to further refine Gravity Defyer Footwear and new product lines that fulfill a variety of foot needs. This continued commitment to the enhancement of footwear technology has positioned Gravity Defyer as an industry leader in technological innovation.
* Gravity Defyers need no endorsement. Rather than line the pockets of celebrity athletic endorsers, Gravity Defyer opts to focus on research and design, manufacturing and satisfying the needs of real people around the world.


Will G-Defy be banned from Athletic Competition?

Should they be considered as an unfair advantage? We don't know yet. All we can tell you is that this new technology in footwear could take your performance to the next level after testing these new athletic shoes.

Departure For The Comfort Shoe Line

The new Gravity Defyer athletic shoes are a departure for the comfort shoe line. Their primary mission to date has been solely focused on comfort. The new athletic shoes however, are for competition and are the result of 3 years of research and development by inventor/CEO Alexander Elnekavah and his Impact Research Technology Group. It is the first athletic shoe to combine EVA with specially developed polymer compounds and the reciprocal shock absorbing system that has made Gravity Defyer a leader in comfort shoes. Among the many features of the new shoes are a stiffer suspension and a unique semi-solid "edging system" which augments the primary spring systems and returns improved response when cornering or changing angular momentum.


Gravity Defyer Shoes have come to prominence through the application of advanced technology to comfort shoes. Since their introduction in 2003, Gravity Defyer Shoes have been featured in magazines and industry journals throughout the United States and all over the world. Unlike a traditional shoe, Gravity Defyer shoes patented design feature a combination of absorbent polymers and a patented reciprocal shock absorber system. These "spring shoes" look like any quality dress or casual shoe, so people can experience these pain relief shoes without the stigma associated with orthopedic footwear.

Comfortable shoes are much sought after by people of all ages, but especially those experiencing pain due to advancing age or medical conditions which cause pain in the foot, legs and even the lower back. Doctor's believe that footwear designed to relieve stress and reduce impact from walking; running or standing might be an effective way to combat these conditions. The new shoe line is an athletic shoe for sports, cross-training and casual wear. It features substantial improvements on the original Gravity Defyer comfort shoe line as it has been designed for competitive use.

Health Benefits

Many health concerns can be traced back to our feet - or more importantly our shoes. The science is really simple. Harmful impact transmits excessive energy through the musculoskeletal system, damaging joints, tissues, muscles and nerves through repetitive stress.

Debilitating conditions commonly associated with poor footwear:

* * Achilles Tendonitis
* * Arthritis
* * Back Pain
* * Bunions
* * Disc Disease
* * Dropped foot
* * Foot & Ankle Pain
* * Hammertoes
* * Heel Pain / Heel Spurs
* * Leg Pain
* * Morton's Neuroma
* * Over-Pronation (Flat Feet)
* * Plantar Fasciitis

What does it mean to you?

Your health today and in the future relies on good footwear, footwear that provides not only protection and durability, but is able to cradle the foot and provide shock protection.

We walk and stand everywhere on hard, unforgiving surfaces. Gravity Defyer Shoes provide unparalleled shock absorption.

Leg fatigue, lower back pain and even headaches can result from standing and walking in shoes that fail to provide the combination of support and cushioning required by the user. A recent study showed that 80% of people will suffer from lower back pain in their lives, while 75% of Americans will suffer some kind of foot problem.

Advanced technology in footwear

Gravity Defyers, were designed by the Impact Research Technology Laboratories (IRTL). They absorb shock and propel you forward with a patented "secret" hidden in every heel. You wouldn't drive around in a car without shocks would you? Asks the manufacturer. The reciprocating power of Gravity Defyer Footwear absorbs the painful shock of each step and returns that energy to you with a bounce that is out of this world. They reduce the wear and tear that gravity imposes on your body, allowing you to move about more freely and enjoy your life.

Recognition In Medicine

Gravity Defyer has been recognized by both the New York College of Podiatric Medicine and Member Pedorthis Footwear Association for the ability to reduce pain via non-surgical, non-chemical methods of medicine.


* * Relieve all pains
* * Ease joint & spine pressure
* * Reduce fatigue and tiredness
* * Be more active
* * Have more energy
* * Jump higher, walk and run faster
* * Have instant comfort
* * Cool your feet & reduce foot odor
* * Elevate your performance


* * Relatively new technology
* * Limited color choices (black and white only at this time)
* * Not inexpensive


These shoes could prove to be the next thing in athletic footwear. Initial tests and review are very positive and they have a big potential health benefit for those who may have issues associated with poor footwear.



Zcoil vs Gravity Defyer

There's a lot of talk going around about the heavy competition between comfort shoe manufacturers ZCoil and Gravity Defyer. In order to get a better understanding of how these spring loaded shoes differ, we've put together the following report.

Both Gravity Defyer and ZCoil provide numerous health benefits by absorbing undesirable shock to the musculoskeletal system. But that is where the comparison ends.

ZCoil is a custom shoe with a custom sized price tag. It uses a large conical spring to absorb shock. An unfortunate byproduct is the look of the shoe. You won't be missed wearing these. They look so alien that only a club kid in a techno rave can get away with them as part of their normal attire. The exposed spring has another major drawback. Its hazardous in many circumstances ( you can search google for “zcoil, face plant”). The exposed spring can easily tangle with all kinds of things in your environment, bar stools, ladders, grates and more. Its such a big concern that ZCoil actually requires buyers to sign a waiver.


* Awkward Styling
* Exposed Spring
* Added Maintenance Fees
* Waiver Required
* Expensive (starting at $189.00)

Gravity Defyer

* Traditional Styling
* Concealed Shock Absorbers
* Waiver Not Required
* Fashionable for any lifestyle
* Affordable (starting at only $119.95)

Gravity Defyer packs the same health benefits of ZCoil but are intended to be indistinguishable from a regular shoe.

Engineered by the Impact Research Technology Group (IRTL) --a consortium of engineers dedicated to developing revolutionary new footwear. They feature numerous technical advances over traditional shoes. They use custom polymers and a patented reciprocating shock absorber system concealed in the heel of each shoe.

Where ZCoil touts the benefits of its mono-shock, Gravity Defyer's reciprocation shock absorber system is comprised of three springs (a primary shock and two stabilizers). As if that weren't enough, the reciprocal action of the pumping heel is exploited through the addition of a one-way valve. The resultant vacuum system draws hot air out of the body of the shoe and expels it through the vent. Every seven steps, the air from the shoe's interior is completely exchanged, reducing moisture and microbial growth. Its the next best thing to air conditioning.

Gravity Defyer Shoes are available in a wide range of designs for both men and women. Whether you prefer a shoe for evening wear, a sporting event or just something you can stroll through the mall with, you'll be wrapped in comfort while everyone around you complains about their aching feet!

No other company delivers more than Gravity Defyer.

Try Gravity Defyers for yourself - Risk Free. That's right! Get your Gravity Defyers today - Any style - Any color. Wear them for 30 days. If you don't love your Gravity Defyers return them, No-Questions-Asked, for a FULL REFUND.
Choose Your Gravity Defyer Shoes today.

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