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Ultraman Hawaii, gana ribeiro, ajram abandona en la doble maratòn

jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012 Ultraman Hawaii.

Del 23 al 25 de noviembre se celebra una de las pruebas de ultradistancia con más tradición, el Ultraman World Championships Hawaii. Tuvo su primera edición en 1983 con 28 participantes de los cuales finalizaron 22.Por cuarta vez el BKOOLer Josef Ajram estará en la linea de salida

Las distancias a las que deben enfrentarse los triatletas son 10 kms de natación en las aguas del Pacífico, a los que seguirán 145 kms de ciclismo. En la segunda jornada la bicicleta vuelve a ser la protagonista con 276 kms, para finalizar con 84 kms de carrera a pie

Para todo aquel que quiera realizar un tramo del circuito de ciclismo se han programado diversas multiplayers en BKOOL durante las dos jornadas.De esta forma podéis apoyar a los participantes pedaleando. Seguro que los BKOOLers de Where is the limit? no faltan a la cita

Más información en la web de la prueba Ultraman World Championships

Welcome to the home of the Ultraman World Championships. The 28th Ultraman World Championships to be held November 23-25, 2012. Entry is by invitation only.Entrants to the Ultraman World Championships will need to be former individual finishers of either Ultraman Canada or Ultraman World Championships and have completed at least an event with 2.4 miles swim, 112 miles bike, and 26.2 miles run or equivalent in the 18 months prior.

Josef Ajram, M34, Barcelona, SPAIN

Occupation: Athlete/Stockbroker

Races: 4th time Ultraman. 2009 Ultraman Canada finish time 25:03:04, Epic5, 3 times Marathon Des Sables.

Entering Ultraman because: Love Ultraman family!

CREW: Swim Escort: Nacho Gomez Land Crew: Sergi, Sulaika, Nacho Gomez




Push On - AVIA


Ribeiro, Winkler lead Ultraman new Written by: Timothy Carlson Date: Fri Nov 23 2012

VOLCANOES NATIONAL MONUMENT, Hawaii -- Five Time Ultraman World Champion Alexandre Ribeiro of Brazil and 2009 runner-up Kathy Winkler of Mill Valley, California overcame tough swim currents and a rainy bike to lead Day One of the Ultraman World Championship on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Men

Ribeiro, the 47-year-old master of Ultraman Hawaii, combined a 3rd-best 3:13:50 10k swim and a race-best 5:14:57 90-mile bike to finish Day One in 8:28:53 with a 24-minute 5 seconds lead on runner-up Nino Cokan of Slovenia, age 39, and 34 minutes 14 seconds on third place finisher Miro Kregar, age 50, also of Slovenia.

The difficulty of the day was underlined by the fact that Ribeiro's Day One performance was 42 minutes slower than his best-ever 2008 Day One time.

Ribeiro was pleased but not overwhelmed with his performance. He was extremely impressed with the performance of 2008 runner-up Tony O'Keefe of Canada, who was starting his first triathlon since a brutal bike training collision with a car on Colorado Springs a year ago shattered his face and legs. O'Keefe, 51, finished 6th man on the day with a 3:10:42 swim and a 6:15:03 bike to end Day One 57 minutes back of Ribeiro.

"This is a such a tough race even if you are healthy and perfectly trained," said Ribeiro. "What Tony did today was incredible!"

Most of the difficulty was on the swim which was plagued by a severe outgoing current which forced most of swimmers entering the final mile into Keauhou Bay to a standstill - reminiscent of the killer current which forced 10 competitors to miss the Day One cutoff time in 2000. Ribeiro's 2012 swim time was about half an hour slower than his typical split.

The Women

Kathy Winkler, whose best prior Ultraman result was runner-up to Shanna Armstrong in 2009, combined a women's-best 3:15:07 swim and a women's second-best 5:49:16 bike split to finish Day One in 9:04:23 with a 3:13 lead on two-time Ultraman World Champion and women's course record holder Amber Monforte of Reno, Nevada.

Winkler's Day One time was 43 minutes slower than Monforte's Day One record time. Monforte's 2012 swim time was 31 minutes slower than her best on the Kailua Pier to Keauhou Bay split.

Winkler, whose daughter competed in the 2012 U.S. Olympic swimming trials, said that she was amazed when she was told she was running third overall with just 15 miles to go on the bike leg. "I thought you were crazy when you told me," Winkler told an on course observer. "I thought there was no way that could be possible after such a slow swim. I thought we were not moving at all for 20 minutes near the end."

On the final 10 miles of the bike, Miro Kregar passed Winkler to take 4th overall and third man on the day. But Winkler was far more moved by a whale sighting on the swim. "My crew saw a whale on the swim, and I felt it was a sign from my mom who died five years ago. We saw a whale right after my wedding earlier this year and someone said that was your mom coming to day hello. I believe my mom came by again today."

Ultraman World Championship The Big Island of Hawaii November 23-25, 2012

Day One S 10k / B 90 mi. Day Two b 171.4 mi. / Day Three R 52.4 mi.

Day One Results


1. Alexandre Ribeiro, 47, (BRA) S 3:13:50 B 5:14:57 TOT 8:28:53

2. Nino Cokan, 39, (SLO) S 3:20:38 B 5:32:30 TOT 8:52:58

3. Miro Kregar, 50, (SLO) S 3:41:02 B 5:22:05 TOT 9:03:07

4. Joseph Ajram, 39, (ESP) S 3:49:08 B 5:18:14 TOT 9:07:22

5. Peter Mueller, 50, (SUI) S 3:19:55 B 5:56:32 TOT 5:56:32

6. Tony O'Keefe, 51, (CAN) 3:10:42 B 6:15:03 TOT 9:25:48

7. Mark Ford, 50, (USA) S 3:21:55 B 6:13:45 TOT 9:35:40

8. Tim Robert, 47, (USA) S 3:39:28 B 6:22:20 TOT 10:01:48

9. Gary Wang , 44, (USA) S 4:21:04 B 5:50:47 TOT 10:11:51

10. Robert Parsheghian, 42, (BRA) S 3:44:38 B 6:36:55 TOT 10:21:32


1. Kathy Winkler, 46, (USA) S 3:15:07 B 5:49:16 TOT 9:04:23

2. Amber Monforte, 34, (USA) 3:31:31 B 5:36:05 TOT 9:07:36

3. Yasuko Miyazaki, 35, (JPN) S 3:26:17 B 6:03:10 TOT 9:29:27

4. Tracey McQuair, 37, (CAN) S 3:29:43 B 6:29:06 TOT 9:58:49

5. Joni Moore, 46, (USA) S 4:36:39 B 6:01:50 TOT 10:38:29



Ribeiro, Monforte lead UM Day 2 new

Written by: Timothy Carlson Date: Sat Nov 24 2012

Alexandre Ribeiro of Brazil and Amber Monforte of Reno, Nevada took firm control of the Ultraman World Championship with race-fastest 171.4-mile Day Two bike legs that gave Ribeiro a 48:28 lead over Miro Kregar of Slovenia and Monforte a 34:32 lead over Kathy Winkler of Mill Valley, California. Leading into Sunday's Day 3 double marathon. Ribeiro and Monforte are heavily favored to defend their leads and repeat their 2011 Ultraman World Championship titles

The Men

Ribeiro unleashed a 7:36:55 split for the Day 2 bike leg from Volcanoes National Monument through Hilo and Waimea and over the Kohala Mountains to Hawi.

Ribeiro thus broke away from top challenger Miro Kregar about 35 miles into the day when Kregar was assessed a 6-minute drafting penalty. When the day was done, Ribeiro outpaced Kregar by 14 minutes 14 seconds on his 7:51:09 ride and enjoyed a 48:28 accumulated race lead over Kregar and 50:10 over third place Nino Cokan of Slovenia, who biked a 4th-best 8:03:00.

Josef Ajram of Spain biked a 3rd best 8:02:07 to finish Day 2 in 4th place with an accumulated time of 17:03:29.

Ribeiro said the 8,600 feet of climbing on Day 2 suited his strengths. "I love the mountains and have my best performances on them," said the Brazilian who has less confidence in his run. "Tomorrow it will be harder," said Ribeiro. "Miro runs faster than me and tomorrow we will have more sun, more emotion."

As for Kregar, who has several Ultraman World Championship runner-up finishes to his friend Ribeiro, holds little hope of an upset tomorrow. "I run best, but his lead is too much," said Kregar. "I can run faster, but in the end, nothing changes. The result is always the same."

Based on Ultraman competitive history, Ribeiro should be expected to defend his 48:28 lead and earn a record sixth Ultraman World Championship. Last year, the lean, lithe and swift-footed Ribeiro finished off his race with a second-best 6:30:39 double marathon that surrendered just 6:28 to Kregar's race-fastest 6:24:10 run. Ribeiro and Kregar's run talent far outstrip their closest contenders Nino Cokan, who ran 8:03:51 last year, and Joseph Ajram, who ran 8:33 in his most recent Ultraman finish in 2008.

The Women

After trailing Kathy Winkler by 3:13 on Day One, 2-time Ultraman World Champion and women's course record holder Amber Monforte restored the natural competitive order with a dominating 8:09:27 split for the 171.4-mile Day 2 bike leg that outpaced Winkler's 2nd-best 8:47:12 ride by 37:45 and gave the 34-year-old Reno, Nevada nurse a 34:32 lead coming into Sunday's daunting 52.4-mile run. Yasuru Miyazaki of Japan rode a women's 5th-best 9:19:49 bike leg to post an accumulated two-day time of 18:49:16 to rank 3rd going into Sunday's double marathon, 58 minutes behind Kathy Winkler and 15:18 ahead of 4th place Tracey McQuair of Canada.

"This was the best conditions I've ever seen here," said Monforte, "There was no rain and no slippery roads, very little wind, and beautiful blue skies." After a controlled, non-competitive 30-mile downhill from Volcanoes to start the day, first-day leader Winkler broke away to a brief, 1-mile lead before Monforte made a definitive pass and never saw her rival again. Monforte's day was not without drama, as she suffered a wheel problem near the end of the leg that could have been disastrous. "I cracked a rim on the top of the Kohalas in a pothole on the last section of the descent," said Monforte. "I didn’t know I cracked it. But I was hearing some weird noises when I used my rear brake. So I took it really easy coming down. When I stopped, the whole wheel buckled and it was done. It says something for these rims that they held together." Winkler had her own mechanical problems as well. "My rear wheel spoke blew up; outside Hilo," she said. "It was a carbon wheel and made a huge popping sound and things started getting wobbly right away. [Fellow Ultraman competitor] Peter Mueller rode up and asked me if everything was OK. I told him my support crew was right ahead and he was so sweet - he came over and changed the wheel for me and had me back on the road really quickly."

In 2010, Amber Monforte closed her record-setting Ultraman World Championship with a 7:47:29 double marathon, 5:38 better than Winkler's run. While Monforte has no 2012 triathlon finishes, she did break 24 hours and earn a silver buckle at the Western States 100. Winkler best 2012 run performance was in a relay between San Francisco and Santa Barbara which featured plenty of miles but no official split times.

Ultraman World Championship The Big Island of Hawaii November 23-25, 2012

Day One S 10k / B 90 mi. Day Two b 171.4 mi. / Day Three R 52.4 mi.

Day Two Results 171.4-mile bike leg


1. Alexandre Ribeiro, 47, (BRA) Day 2 Bike 7:36:55 TOT 16:05:48

2. Miro Kregar, 50, (SLO) Day 2 Bike 7:51:09 TOT 16:54:16

3. Nino Cokan, 39, (SLO) Day 2 Bike 8:03:00 TOT 16:55:58

4. Joseph Ajram, 39, (ESP) Day 2 Bike 8:02:07 TOT 17:039

5. Tony O'Keefe, 51, (CAN) Day 2 Bike 8:05:27 TOT 17:31:12


1. Amber Monforte, 34, (USA) Day 2 Bike 8:09:27 TOT 17:17:03

2. Kathy Winkler, 46, (USA) Day 2 Bike 8:47:12 TOT 17:51:35

3. Yasuko Miyazaki, 35, (JPN) Day 2 Bike 9:19:49 TOT 17:51:35

4. Tracey McQuair, 37, (CAN) Day 2 Bike 9:05:45 TOT 19:04:34

5. Joni Moore, 46, (USA) Day 2 Bike 9:00:41 TOT 19:39:10



Ribeiro, Monforte win Ultraman new

Written by: Timothy Carlson Date: Sun Nov 25 2012

Alexandre Ribeiro of Brazil won his sixth Ultraman World Championship and Amber Monforte of Reno, Nevada finished off a 2010-2012 Ultraman World Championship three-peat Sunday on the Big Island of Hawaii and also placed third-place overall against all finishers regardless of gender.

The Men

Ribeiro, a sleek greyhound of a triathlete who makes age 47 seem like the Fountain of Youth, dominated all three days of the 10 kilometer swim, 271.4-mile bike legs and 52.4 mile run which comprises a triathletic circumnavigation of the Big Island of Hawaii in a total of 22 hours 51 minutes and 12 seconds.

Like many a six-time world champion, Ribeiro made it look easy as he won every stage and stretched his lead to 48 minutes over Kregar to start the final day's double marathon. While Kregar outran him by a few minutes on Day 3 last year, Ribeiro should have had little to worry him. "On the run, I say to Miro, 'Please let's keep the run tranquil. Don't push hard!' Miro says, 'OK Alexandre.' After that, it's OK. I enjoy the marathon."

Indeed he did as Ribeiro hit the first marathon in 3:05 and cruised to the finish adding 10:17 to his lead over Kregar.

Ribeiro left Kregar just after Kawaihae at the 30 kilometer mark, asking the Slovenian: "Join me?'" Kregar declined. "I didn’t see any sense," said Kregar. "I went slower because I didn’t need to suffer."

Ribeiro started Day 3 with a 48:28 lead over Kregar, then outran his Slovenian friend and rival 6:45:24 to 6:58:41 to seal his victory. In addition to taking his third Ultraman World Championship runner-up placing, Kregar smashed the previous Ultraman men's 50-59 record time by three hours.

Afterwards, Ribeiro said he had no regrets about finishing one hour slower than his personal best. "This race was for the championship," he said after matching Shanna Armstrong's record of six women's Ultraman wins. "Not the time. It did not matter if I finish 21:50 - my best time - or one hour later. It's not important. The weather and water conditions determine the times."

Ribeiro led Day 1 swim and bike, the Day 2 bike and finished off the Day 3 double marathon with a race-best 6:45:24 split which gave him a 1 hour, 1 minute and 45 seconds margin over runner-up Miro Kregar of Slovenia and a 3 hours, 5 minutes and 17 seconds margin over men's third-place Tony O'Keefe of Canada. O'Keefe, a 51-year-old Canadian Armed Forces officer, finished a miracle comeback from severe 2011 injuries with an 8:25:17 double marathon.

O'Keefe was riding his bike near Colorado Springs in Fall of 2011 when a car hit him head on and he was launched through the car's windshield. After he was extracted, carbon fiber pieces of his brake lever were embedded in his femur, and he required reconstructive surgery on his face and multiple ligament damage in his leg which had to be replaced by cadaver parts. O'Keefe, the 2008 Ultraman runner-up in a personal record time of 22:31:54, resumed swimming and biking much earlier, but could not resume running until two months ago. Many thought O'Keefe's participation would be honorary after the swim and the bike as the stress of a 52-4 mile double marathon would be too much to bear.

"When I arrived back on the Big Island I looked around and thought: I didn’t come all this way to DNF," said O'Keefe. "I knew I wanted to compete, so I went as hard as I could and I told myself If I have to walk, I'm going to walk. I'm OK with it."

O'Keefe did far, far better than that, and he takes ;pains to explain that he has nothing to complain about. "I serve with the best men in the military and many of them come back from Afghanistan and Iraq with truly devastating injuries. Whatever pain is out there in Ultraman is just a reminder that I am one of the luckiest guys in the world because I can still do challenging things."

O'Keefe started Day 1 with the 2nd-fastest 3:10:42 swim against tough currents, then biked 6:15:03 to stand 8th in 9:25:45 on total time. On Day 2 he rode the 4th fastest 8:05:47 split to stand 3rd male and 4th overall in 17:31:12. On Day 3 his 8th-fastest 8:25:17 run brought him home 4th overall and 3rd male in 25:56:29. "What Tony did today was fantastic.," said Ribeiro. "To survive that accident and then come race with the best in the world at age 51 makes him a very special guy."

The Women

Although her finishing time was slower than her 2010 and 2011 victories, Reno, Nevada nurse Amber Monforte won her third straight Ultraman Hawaii with a balanced performance that showed that she had talent in reserve that could overcome a light triathlon racing schedule in 2012. Monforte started Day 1 with a second-place finish 3:13 behind Kathy Winkler of Mill Valley, California. Monforte then took control of the race with a dominant 8:09:27 split for the 171.4-mile bike leg on Day 2 which gave her a 37:45 lead over Winkler and 1:32:13 lead over Yasuko Miyazaki of Japan.

Monforte played it cool at the start on Sunday, letting her two closest pursuers chase glory. "I looked at my watch and saw I was running 8 m minute miles and they were just pulling away," said Monforte. "I can't run that. After I did the Western States 100 in June, I took time off before I got married and I just didn’t have enough running miles in my legs. "

On the Day 3 double marathon, Miyazaki ran with Winkler and ahead of Monforte for the first 15 miles, then blazed ahead to the 2nd-best-ever women's double marathon split of 7:32:13 which bested Winkler's run by 34:09 and Monforte's 3rd-best 8:12:06 run by 39:54 and trailed only Ann Heaslett's 2008 Ultraman women's race record run, which was 20 minutes faster.

But Monforte kept a close eye on Winkler. " I know I was running s comfortable hard pace," she said. "I wanted to keep it up because you know anything could happen in a 52 mile run. I wanted to keep Kathy her in sight because she is a really strong runner. You never know what she might pull out of the hat."

Midway through the run, Monforte held steady just 80 meters back of her rival and only let that margin increase the last few miles. While Winkler seemed to be cruising, the 46-year-old kindergarten teacher in Tiburon, California had more problems than she let on. "I really felt kind of lousy and I was having some stomach issues," said Winkler. "I was peeing blood from Mile 15 on, so I knew it was important to drink. It happened to me last time I raced here and doctors thought my bladder had collapsed and was rubbing on itself when I ran low on water."

The solution was to drink every few minutes. "The drink fills it up so the sides don’t collapse," she explained, which was irritating at the least during such a tough run. "It is hard to stop every few minutes. Not only to drink but to constantly pull over to go to the bathroom. The miles went by very slowly. I thought I was going to walk a lot. But I never did. I was very grateful to have the luck to run all the way."

At the finish, Monforte's three-day total of 25:29:09 was well over an hour slower than her record-setting time but was 28:27 better than Winkler's runner-up effort and 52:29 better than Miyazaki's 3rd-place race. Still, Miyazaki's spectacular run had to take second place to the thrill she got when her boyfriend and 30-mile Ultraman pace runner knelt down at the finish line, presented her with a ring and asked for her hand in marriage.

"It was mentioned that maybe he would be proposing one day," said Miyazaki, who works as an athletic shoe salesperson when she is not racing XTRERRA and Ultraman, "But I never expected that at the finish. It was exciting!"

When Miyazaki said yes, the happy couple were greeted by a great round of cheers.

Ultraman World Championship The Big Island of Hawaii November 23-25, 2012

Day One Swim 10k / Bike 90 mi. Day Two Bike 171.4 mi. / Day Three Run 52.4 mi.

Final Results Men

1. Alexandre Ribeiro, 47, (BRA) Day 1 swim and bike -- 8:28:53 Day 2 bike - 7:36:55 Day 3 run - 6:45:24 TOT 22:51:12

2. Miro Kregar, 50, (SLO) Day 1 swim and bike - 9:03:07 Day 2 bike - 7:51:09 Day 3 run - 6:56:41 TOT 23:52:57

3. Tony O'Keefe, 51, (CAN) Day 1 swim and bike - 9:25:45 Day 2 bike - 8:05:27 Day 3 run - 8:25:27 TOT 25:56:29

4. Peter Mueller, 50, (SUI) Day 1 swim and bike - 9:16:27 Day 2 bike - 8:47:14 Day 3 run - 8:18:07 TOT 26:21:48

5 Gary Wang, 44, (USA) Day 1 swim and bike - 10:11:51 Day 2 bike - 8:08:28 Day 3 run - 8:15:11 TOT 26:35:30


1. Amber Monforte, 34, (USA) Day 1 swim and bike 9:07:36 Day 2 bike - 8:09:27 Day 3 run - 8:12:06 TOT 25:>29:09

2. Kathy Winkler, 46, (USA) Day 1 swim and bike - 9:04:23 Day 2 bike - 8:47:12 Day 3 run - 8:06:21 TOT 25:57:56

3. Yasuko Miyazaki, 35, (JPN) Day 1 swim and bike - 9:29:27 Day 2 bike - 9:17:49 Day 3 run - 7:32:12 TOT 26:21:28

4. Tracey McQuair, 37, (CAN) Day 1 swim and bike - 9:58:49 Day 2 bike - 9:03:45 Day 3 run - 9:14:57 TOT 28:18:31

5. Joni Moore, 46, (USA) Day 1 swim and bike - 10:38:29 Day 2 bike - 9:00:41 Day 3 run - 9:04:54 TOT 28:44:04


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