lunes, diciembre 30, 2013

carrera cascos plegables bici y ski


Se ruega difundir estas imagenes de los ladrones de mi bici..

Modus Operandi: La mujer flaite,(“Flaite” para los que no saben, es una palabra que se inventó en Chile para denominar al sujeto de poca educación que anda buscando vida en medio de su dura realidad social.Generalmente se le asocia al “Flaite” otras palabras como drogas, delincuencia, robos, hurtos, maltrato, picardía, etc.; es decir un sujeto sin reglas ni dios.) distrae al conserje del edificio , conversan varios minutos, asi puede entrar el ladrón, de forma impune,mi bici estaba el el subterráneo -3, encadenada….Estoy furioso!!!

Bici trek 3900: matricula WTU 214c9279G .Adjunto fotos de los ladrones. gracias por su ayuda.


Accordion-like Carrera bike helmet folds to accommodate different head sizes

By Ben Coxworth September 12, 2012

In old bicycle racing photos, many of the racers can be seen wearing what are sometimes now referred to as “leather hair nets.” Actually known as pistard helmets, they were made of padded leather and offered little protection, but they did conform nicely to the shape of the rider’s head. Carrera’s new foldable helmet is a modern (and safer) take on that same idea.

The helmet features an elastic sizing systemThe helmet comes with a carrying strapA daigram of the helmetThe helmet is made up of rigid lateral segments that are mounted on a base of adjustable s...View all
The helmet – which doesn’t appear to have an actual model name yet – is made up of rigid lateral segments that are mounted on a base of adjustable straps. This design allows the helmet to expand and contract sideways, like an accordion, so it can be fitted snugly against the sides of the wearer’s head before being locked into place. When taken off and pressed all the way in, it will reportedly take up over 20 percent less space than a regular helmet – an important consideration, if it’s being jammed into a backpack.

Because it has no solid structure going all the way across the front or back, it is also said to offer very good air circulation. Despite its lack of overall solidity, however, it still reportedly meets the EN 1078 safety certification.

There is currently no word on pricing or availability. Another foldable bike helmet, the overade, is expected to go into production sometime this year.

Source: Carrera via Bless This Stuff


Carrera ski helmet folds for a custom fit

By Ben Coxworth December 28, 2013

Eyewear and helmet manufacturer Carrera got itself noticed last year, when it released an accordion-like bike helmet that can be folded in or out to accommodate different head sizes. Now, the company has brought that same idea to the skiing and snowboarding-oriented Snow Foldable Helmet.

The helmet consists of one lateral middle section, along with two side sections. Those latter two pieces can be pulled out to either side, to match the width of the wearer's head, and then locked into place. It still meets the EN1077 B ski helmet safety standard, plus its pull-open design reportedly results in good ventilation. Additionally, when folded down, it's claimed to take up over 20 percent less space than when in use.

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