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Sram cambio red electrónico ( prototipo)


La ruta delos conquistadores dìa 1


Café & Cycles Bianchi en Malmoe Suecia

Salvatore Grimaldi, propietario de Bianchi, inauguró el nuevo Bianchi Café & Cycles el pasado día 28 de noviembre en la localidad de Malmo (Suecia). La próxima primavera inaugurarán otro centro en Italia, aunque de momento, este representa el tercer Café & Cycle de la reconocida marca italiana.

Malmo está de moda. Popularizada a través de las actividades culturales y del ocio en estos últimos años, la compañía Bianchi ha decidido instalar otro de sus particulares establecimientos. Bianchi Café & Cycles responde a una mezcla entre una tienda de bicicletas y un café-restaurante donde disfrutar de las últimas novedades, conocer el reciente diseño de sus productos y de compartir instantes acomodados en un cálido ambiente. Los últimos modelos Bianchi disponibles ya en tiendas son Oltre XR2, Infinito CV y Methanol 27.5 SL.

Grimaldi, presente en la inauguración del Bianchi Café & Cycle comentó públicamente se sentía orgulloso de la apertura del nuevo centro en Malmo ya que es una ciudad amante del ciclismo. Acto seguido, Grimaldi declaró que “El Café & Cycle está creciendo en todo el mundo siendo una estrategia que combina nuestras bicicletas Bianchi y su tecnología junto a la mejor comida italiana y sus vinos.” Próximamente, Bianchi estrenará espacio la siguiente primavera en la ciudad de Milán.

perro y zorro

En un bosque enclavado en las montañas de Noruega nació una curiosa amistad entre dos animales que terminó por dar la vuelta al mundo entero.Se trata de Tinni y Sniffer, un perro y un zorro salvaje que supieron dejar de lado su agresividad para dar paso a una estrecha y divertida relación en medio de la naturaleza.Ahora, ¿cómo llega hasta nuestros hogares esta historia? Todo comienza cuando el perro del fotógrafo Torgeir Berge se hizo amigo de un zorro que encontró en el bosque.

Much Above Board with Bikes

This is the story of the Bike parking Station at Gronigen in Northern Netherlands, and how Dutch openness infuses the place, bikes being very much above board.We meet a woman who gets very good mileage on her Electric bike , and find that E Bikes are well established technology in the Netherlands where they are used instead of cars. Also, that E bikes can be indiscreet!

Thanks to Hembrow for steering me to Gronigen. David runs study tours for folks wanting to learn how Netherland bike infrastucture works


Prototype electronic SRAM red shfiters and derailleurs

posted by Tyler Benedict - December 10, 2013 - 1pm EST

Prototype electronic SRAM Red drivetrain spotted! Photo: Von R Buzard, used with permission.

Spotted at the Illinois state cyclocross championships and photo’d by Von R Buzzard, this presumably prototype SRAM Red electronic derailleur and shifter could mean they’re finally powering up their own version.

Buzard told us he shot the photo without realizing what he captured, but thanks to an eagle eyed Bikerumor reader (thanks MacArthur!), we were tipped off to it (after it was first posted to VeloNews)and, well, here it is. Even at full res and full size, it’s a bit grainy, so there’s only the obvious to spout. First, it obviously works quite well cross chained, as does the current Red 22 group. Second, there’s a small boxy section at the rear of the derailleur that likely houses the motor. Lastly, looks like a battery on the stem, and possibly (hopefully) some sort of tie in with the Garmin computer on the front. That last bit is doubtful, but how sweet would it be for it to tie into Quarq’s (owned by SRAM) power meters and use that to highlight power output in different gear ratios. Hello, geekery!

Tap that ‘more’ button for closeup crops below…

A bit boxier than Shimano Di2 and Campagnolo EPS, but who knows where it is in the development stage. We’re guessing close if it’s out in the wild, but we’re also guessing it’ll get a bit more streamlined before making its debut.

These are mated to standard cantilever brakes, so it’s no surprise the lever hoods are pretty sleek. They still appear to have SRAM’s tall front poke, which I think is quite comfy, but the button nub looks pretty small. It’ll be interesting to see how they get around the other two designs. Could give DoubleTap a whole new meaning. Or, what if there’s only one button per side and it automatically shifts front and rear to keep the gear ratio ideal? Obviously, that wouldn’t be how it’s working here given the chain position, but still cool. And entirely possible from a technological standpoint. Of course, this is all speculation. So far we haven’t heard back from SRAM, and typically it’ll just be that they’re “always testing stuff”. Calls are in, update here if/when we get it. Official SRAM Comment: “Development product, no specifics available, no additional comment.”

Huge thanks to Von R Buzard for sharing the pics!

Now, let’s have some fun. Shimano’s calling it Di2 (Digital Integrated Intelligence), Campy’s got EPS (Electronic Power Shift). What do you suppose SRAM will call theirs? Leave it in the comments, keep it clean. Best answer (as determined by us and that we don’t have to delete for language) wins a Bikerumor pint glass!

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