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2nd hand mtb and triathlon bikes

venta de cannondales de test

tarifa bikes dice

Hola amigos como ya sabeis todos los años se ponen a la venta las bicicletas de test que se han estado probando de la marca Cannondale.
Os dejo una lista de los modelos y tallas disponibles, tambien algunas fotografias de las bicis, todas están en perfecto estado de mantenimiento y revisadas tanto las horquillas como los amortiguadores. Como nota decir que algunas pueden estar arañadas del uso pero cosas sin importancia.

Para más información sobre ellas teneis que contactar a los datos siguientes:

Bruno Muchada
TLF.: 956 627 646 - 600 821 276
E-MAIL.: bruno@aostarifa.com

Espero que encontreis la vuestra!! es una buena oportunidad para pillarse una Cannondale

-Rally: Cannondale Flash Himod 2 2010 Tallas: 1S, 2M y 1L. Precio: 2350€

-All mountain: Cannondale RZ ONEForty Carbon 3 2010 Tallas: M y L. Precio: 2500€

-DH: Mongoose Boot´r Team 2010 Talla: M. Precio: 2450€

-All Mountain: Cannondale Rize Carbon 3 2009 Talla M. Precio: 1800€

-Carretera: Cannondale Super Six Himod DURA ACE 2010 Talla 54 . Precio: 3000€

mira las fotos en

Why Buy a Used Triathlon Bike

Probably the most expensive part of getting involved in a triathlon or ironman event or training is the bike. It obviously needs to be fast, the correct size for you and of course, within your budget.

As in any sport or occupation, the beginner starts off with the basics. They get used to their chosen sport and gradually upgrade their equipment. As they improve, they look for ways to shave minutes, seconds and tenths of seconds off their personal bests so they are continually updating their equipment. The same is true of the triathlete. Always looking to improve their time, they continually upgrade to a newer, more improved bike. This of course leaves their used bike for sale for the athlete who hasn't quite reached their league - YET!

Because of this, there is always a bargain for anyone looking for a second hand or used triathlon bicycle. These bikes are always well looked after and maintained because of the nature of the typical triathlete. Their bike is their baby so you are almost always guaranteed a quality used product when you purchase.

The best advise for the beginner triathlete or the triathlete upgrading their bike, especially on a budget, is to be on the look-out for a quality used bike where there are massive savings available compared to the new price.

When buying a bike, set your budget. Allow for extras that may need to be purchased such as tri-bars, spare parts, apparel and cycling shoes. Ask plenty of questions from the seller, what events they have completed, was it used for training etc. Compare the asking price to the new price. Ensure that it is the correct size for you. Make the purchase and get down to the serious business of training and competing! Keep improving your technique and time and be on the look-out for your next upgrade!

Buying a Triathlon Bike? Take advantage of the Good Intentions of Others!

As the old saying goes, Life is full of good intentions, and this is no truer than for getting fit. Every day, people are making life changing decisions, whether it be starting a new business, getting fit, start training for a marathon or a triathlon. What you need to look for is the latter, people who have decided that they are going to get fit and down the road, complete a triathlon.

Deciding to compete in a Triathlon is the easy part. They buy all the equipment, maybe buy or subscribe to a training plan, gather information on the different types of Triathlon events, where they are staged and join a Triathlon Club. Before they begin their training, they buy a triathlon bike. They have done all the research, decided on the bike most suitable for them and closest to their budget. And they go out and purchase their triathlon bike. After all this has been completed, they begin their training.

As I`ve already said, life is full of good intentions and this is the point where most people fail. The training takes up too much time, the weather is bad, their working late, whatever the reason, they are lacking the commitment necessary to train for the triathlon. After a couple of weeks, there is any amount of excuses available to them and they will be used. Pretty soon, their beautiful, new, expensive triathlon bycycle is locked up in the garage, gathering dust, never to see the light of day again. Never, until, they walk in to the garage one day, look at the expensive piece of equipment that they have spent their hard earned money on and say to themselves "What was I thinking?" And with a mixture of guilt and shame, they decide that it`s time to recoup some of their losses and put their bike up for sale.

This is where you come in and take advantage of the good intentions they once had. These bikes have rarely done more than a couple of hundred miles and are always available at a knock down price. They haven`t been abused, they haven`t even been used in a lot of cases. And your available to take them off their hands. Your willing to put these bikes through their paces, to use them for what they have been designed for. Because you`ve got the good intentions, you`re doing the training but you`ve got one more thing that the bike`s previous owner hasn`t got, you stand over and above them, you`ve got in abundance what their previous owners were severely lacking in, what is that? It is, of course, COMMITTMENT!

Buying a bike for Triathlon? Road Bike or Triathlon Bike?

Fitness and strength are the main factors that influence a triathlete’s performance but equipment is the next key area where improvements can be made. You will obviously complete a distance faster on a specialized triathlon bicycle than you would on a store discount, non-specific racing bike. A triathlon specific bike will make any triathlete, regardless of their level, faster. Money wise however, you will need to invest more on your triathlon bike. On average, the power produced to pedal a bike on a flat road is 60% rider drag. This is, obviously, where the biggest performance gains can be achieved. If you are serious about triathlon, you need to be selecting the best, most efficient equipment that you can afford for your triathlon cycling needs.

Road bikes are generally designed for comfort to allow a cyclist to compete over long distances. The triathlon cycle is generally over a shorter distance (relatively) and so some comfort can be compromised in exchange for speed. This is the fundamental difference between triathlon bikes and road bikes. The shorter the distance of the triathlon cycle, the more weight and aerodynamics will come into play. For a sprint triathlon, 20k, comfort is far less a factor than for an Ironman distance as for the Ironman, comfort becomes paramount to continual optimal performances over long periods of time. When looking for a triathlon bicycle, consider the distances you will be competing in and correlate this with the budget you have available. I highly recommend that, if your budget is tight, you consider purchasing a used triathlon bike. They are normally well looked after and cared for and normally only for sale by an experienced triathlete who is upgrading so as to compete in longer events. A general assumption can be made that if a person is disciplined and driven enough to train for and compete in a triathlon, will take meticulous care of their triathlon bike.



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