viernes, diciembre 31, 2010

red bull flamenco flatland

La compañía de baile de Rafael Amargo y los cinco deportistas participantes en el Red Bull Flamenco Flatland impresionaron al público granadino donde Flamenco y BMX Flatland se entrelazaron como protagonistas de un mismo arte.

The authentic scenery of El Palacio de los Cordova in Granada Spain is the backdrop for one of the most unique BMX competitions on earth. Its a Flatland competition but with the emphasis on finding the rider who comes up with the best mix of Flamenco and BMX, rather than the just the best tricks. The judges will be looking for best tricks, best interpretation and overall impression. The top three riders will advance to the final round. Matthias Dandois, Viki Gómez, and Takahiro Ikeda will go head to head with Rafael Amargo and other leading Flamenco dancers. After all, Flamenco and BMX is not oil to water but café to leche.

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