miércoles, diciembre 29, 2010

canonndale jekill 2011

Cannondale Jekyll 2011 from Razor Images on Vimeo.

The Go Anywhere, Ride Anything,Two-Bikes-in-One SuperBike.

Over Mountain
OverMountain does what "all-mountain" can't. For anyone who's ever wished they could ride their XC bike to the top of the hill and their long-travel bike back down, we present the OverMountain bikes; a family of dual-travel, dual-personality superbikes so versatile and so capable that they needed a category all their own.

The radical DYAD RT2 dual shock and the Jekyll’s linear-to-progressive link leverage ratio are optimized for each other, providing incredible small bump response, traction and efficiency in the Elevate mode, and a fluid, bottomless feel in Flow mode.

Your frame is only as stiff as its weakest parts. Jekyll’s 5-part ECS-TC (Enhanced Center-Stiffness, Torsion Control) system eliminates unwanted flex and play in the links and pivots, unifying the frame and delivering unmatched responsiveness and control.

In either BallisTec carbon or sophisticated SmartFormed alloy, the incredibly light, unbelievably tough Jekyll frames let you climb with the whippets, but descend with the pitbulls.


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