domingo, diciembre 26, 2010

perfect storm

After Years of Snow Biking with other manufactures Bikes i built my own a couple winters ago.I used the best American Welders i could find.Frank The Welder Did the frame.He is a Mountain Bike Hall of fame welder.Google search him.Some try to get him to weld them frames.He can definetly do it.But one offs will cost you lots of money.
This frame is generation #4 .So its been through 4 phases already.This is our widest Frame ever.It still uses a 73mm shell with a 128mm spindle.The frame is my design.My name is Tom Bourassa ,i am a snow bike pioneer and former BMX and Mountain Bike Pro Rider.I own and operate website,online,ebay and retail stores.The Fork is also my design.Welded by the legendary Chris Kopp.Famous Indy Car Frame welder.This is the only Fork in the World we know of that can take custom dual 29er snow cat rims laced to one center hub.The front tires are dual 29erNokian gazza extremes.The rear are 26 inch dual dirt jump rims laced to one center hub.The current set up runs 4 tires.The rear tires are 2 Nokian extreme 26 inch .The Bike can morph into a standard fat bike by swapping wheels,and it can also morph to a standard 29er by swapping wheels.This is one of the most rare American Fat Bikes In The World.

The official name is the High Intensity Bikes Perfect Storm.Winter Warlock Edition.The Perfect Storm name has nothing to do with the weather.It was inspired by the state of the Global Economy.Without this extreme economic down turn we would have never had the time to work on the project and found such an expert team of welders who needed work.There has only been 20 Perfect storms ever made and only 3 generation 4 size large.Its was the perfect economic storm.To build such a bike.This is the only perfect storm powder coated silver .Powder coating done by master powder coater Jason Wyman of Franconia New Hampshire.This custom American snow bike can be run geared in fat bike mode by using an internal nexus hub.It can also be run geared 1x9 in skinny 29er mode.All perfect Storm Bikes and Frames are currently sold out.You can prepay for a frame at 899.99 and the waite i one year.If your looking for a standard Snow Bike Like a Surly Pugsley please go through our website .You can also reach us via email at And the shop phone# is 1-603-787-9880 after years of selling them on ebay for some reason Surly is giving us a hastle.If you cant tell by this advertisement we are a very independent shop.This bike is available by shop pick up only ,cash only unless your a regular customer.This bike can also be customized for you.
Price: US $1,999.99
North Haverhill, NH, United States

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