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Adventure Race Gear. /bike design

An exciting new product has come on to the market for cyclists, and in particular, adventure racing enthusiasts.

It is a box trailer with a specialised top which can take up to 7 bikes, leaving the trailer free to take your camping or racing gear.

No more struggling with bikes on car roofs and gear squished in the boot.

No need to take more than one car to an event or on a camping trip.

With this trailer you can pack up the whole family’s gear, their bikes, the tent and cooking gear and have plenty of room for the kids and their friends in the car!
Heavy Duty 7 x 5 High Side 5 Bike Trailer Specifications
Price with Standard Features $2,995 (Feb 2010)

5 x quick lock and release bike mounts
5 x 8mm shock cords and cleats to secure the rear wheel
2 x gas springs to hold the large door open with 5 bikes loaded
2 door access to storage compartment
Small door can be opened fully to make a handy table
Rear mount bike work stand included
Keyed stainless steel door locks with 3 and 2 point locking mechanism
Quick removal of complete top section leaves a 5 x 7 box trailer for all those boring jobs!
Internal dimensions = 2100mm x 1500mm x 520mm (Deep sides standard)
Internal capacity = 1.6 m3 of storage space
Reverse lips on the lid and doors creates a water resistant seal
Long draw bar for easy reversing = 1,5m
2mm checker plate floor and guards
5 leaf springs
Gross vehicle mass = 750 kg
Quick release coupling
Trailer spare wheel mount
Hammer tone paint standard

Optional Extras
Spare wheel $30
Jockey wheel $35
12v Internal light LED $35
Extra bike mounts (each) $38
Bike front wheel mounts (each) $25
Powder Coating $1000
Wheel Covers (Pair) $40
Mag Wheels POA
Hubcaps/Rims POA


Mr. Freehand’s homebuilt carbon bikes

I have posted homemade carbon fiber bikes before and I always find it very interesting to see composite bicycles that people design and produce in their garages and living rooms. Svetlyo Kostov (aka Mr. Freehand) first learned about carbon fiber construction at a young age building racecars, motorcycles, and airplanes. Recently, he decided use the technique that he developed for building one off structural carbon parts to create a bicycle for himself. Svetlyo built the Oval bike first and rode it everyday for six months before deciding to make his even less conventional “Ferrari” bike”. That second bike features a 2-piece frame construction and an integrated carbon fiber rear fender. Today he rides both of his “different” homemade bikes for commuting and urban riding, and it sounds like they generate a lot of attention wherever he goes.

Update 11/30: I just want to add one more interesting thing that Svetlyo just told me. He wanted go through the process in a “green” way, so while constructing these bikes, the only electricity used was to power 4 light bulbs. He did not use a computer for the designs or any power tools for the construction (he also mentioned that he didn’t even use heat or AC). The red paint was leftover from a car repair job and even the compressed air for the airbrushed letters and graphics came from a truck tire that he inflated with a hand pump.


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