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Swimbot, el entrenador acuàtico en tu cabeza



Swimbot puts a swimming coach on your head
There are already plenty of music players that work underwater, along with watches that count swimmers' laps and strokes. The SwimBot can do those things too, but it also does a lot more. For instance, it can tell you if your vertical streamlining is off, if the timing of your breathing isn't right, or if your propulsion is unbalanced.

The main device sits underneath the back of the user's swim cap, and contains a variety of sensors (such as gyroscopes and accelerometers), a microprocessor, and a 1,000-mAh lithium-ion battery pack. It also utilizes a pair of waterproof bone-conduction earphones.

Users start by selecting a training program on the SwimBot's touchscreen interface. These programs can focus on factors such as breathing, streamlining or propulsion. Once the swimming begins, the sensors set about measuring these parameters. Everything is monitored from that one location on the back of the head – no wrist bands or other peripherals are required.

If the SwimBot detects that the user's head is being held too high, their body is leaning to one side, or they're kicking/stroking harder on one side (just as a few examples), it lets them know via audio cues in one ear or the other. Users can also review their training sessions afterwards via an app on a paired smartphone, and track their progress over time.

The designers of the SwimBot are currently raising production funds for their device, on Indiegogo. A pledge of US$249 will get you one, when and if they reach production.

More information is available in the following pitch video.

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