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Antelope, el traje de superman ( o woman!)


ANTELOPE Sportswear: Muscle Activating Smartsuit

Electrical stimulation sounds dangerous – but does is hurt!

ANTELOPE is an evolution of a proven technology called TENS, which has been used for rehabilitation purposes for decades. Elicitation of muscle contraction using electrical impulses is absolutely natural as such elicitation precisely mimics the processes that occur in our body when our brain directs muscles to contract. Every movement you accomplish in your day-to-day life is triggered by a small electrical impulse generated by your brain resulting in activation of the motor units of your muscles. That’s how movements are generated! ANTELOPE has optimized this natural principle by placing the electrodes directly on the muscles and thus intensifying every contraction and your whole workout. Imagine taking a shower and directing the showerhead with strong water beam from a short distance on your muscle – that’s how it feels.

What are the benefits of the training with ANTELOPE?

The ANTELOPE products are generally made for everyone – no matter how old or physically fit you are. ANTELOPE is the perfect choice for (i) those who haven’t been physically active for a long time and who are looking for a joint-friendly restart, (ii) athletes who want to optimize their conventional training, (iii) people with weight problems and (iv) elderly looking to improve their overall condition.

What are the advantages of training with ANTELOPE?

Thanks to additional stimulation during each muscle contraction the workout with ANTELOPE activates more than 95% of the muscle potential (vs. 70% during conventional workout). This has two major advantages: (i) for identical training result less time is required and (ii) heavy weights are no longer needed – there is no strain on the joints and, thus, the risk of various injuries is minimized. In addition, the impact of external forces on the body is reduced. ANTELOPE is the only tool on the market that can be incorporated into any sports to specifically improve desired coordination patterns (e.g. cycling, football or basketball) and thus directly enhance performance.

How often can I exercise with Antelope per week?

The number of training sessions per week depends on several factors. The most important factors are the state of your health (incl. diet), previous workout experience with EMS devices, what kind of workout you are primarily doing and what type of the ANTELOPE product you are using.

In general:

- You should use ANTELOPE during your training routine only in a healthy state due to the workout’s high intensity.

- Beginners should generally start with lower current intensities and increase them from session to session.

- Time required for the body to regenerate is longer after an exhaustive power training session (high current intensities) than after an endurance specific training (lower supporting current intensities).

- The more muscles you stimulate, the longer they need to recover.

- ANTELOPE SUIT (8 stimulated muscle groups on the whole body): After exhaustive strength training sessions with the entire ANTELOPE SUIT you should rest for at least 4 days within the first weeks of training so that your body has enough time to recover fully. For advanced ANTELOPE SUIT users maximum number of 2 - 3 exhaustive strength training sessions per week can be recommended. Applying ANTELOPE during endurance training sessions results in regeneration times being only half as long, i.e. twice the number of sessions per week can be accomplished. In general, the number of sessions is subject to the overall intensity of the workout.

- CALF GUARDS, TANK TOP, WOMEN'S DREAM or WING (one or two stimulated muscle groups): Due to reduced number of electrodes used during the workout more sessions can be conducted per week accordingly.

Please note that when the body does not get enough time for its muscle structures to recover the effect of the workout will be insignificant. Therefore, breaks between workouts are extremely important and should be adhered to especially at the beginning.

What’s the difference between ANTELOPE and the ab belts from TV commercials?

The main difference is: ANTELOPE offers active, mobile and broad (full body) stimulation vs. static, local and isolated stimulation. You can not only integrate ANTELOPE into your favorite sports but also exercise with a higher overall intensity.

Small devices (TENS) with adhesive electrodes and ab stimulating belts are not suited for active training. Moreover just a limited number of muscles can be stimulated. The positive and negative poles of these devices are usually placed on only one muscle resulting in isolated stimulation of a small amount of muscle fibers.

The placement of the electrodes in ANTELOPE products is different. Positive and negative electrodes are not located on the same muscle but on the opposite sides of the body, thus, not only stimulating the area directly below the electrodes, but also the opponents (antagonists) and stabilizers (synergists) at the same time. In addition, such approach activates the underlying nerves, leading to stimulation of additional muscle groups. The mobility feature of the ANTELOPE products allows to effectively improve movement patterns of an athlete the sport specific abilities.

What are the contraindications of the ANTELOPE training?

Unless you are in good physical condition to go through a tough workout please consult a doctor prior to training with the ANTELOPE products .

If one of the following health conditions is applicable to you, you are unfortunately not allowed to use ANTELOPE products for safety reasons:

- pacemaker or other electrical implants,

- pregnancy,

- severe neurological or cardiovascular diseases or any types of cancer

Please note that you should abstain from physical exercising during acute illness (fever, acute inflammatory processes or/and acute bacterial/viral infections etc.) and recover completely first.

How do I use ANTELOPE and how do I steer it?

Our ANTELOPE app is the ultimate steering tool. We’ve been working on it for a while to provide our users with individual support. The app helps you to set the optimal training intensities, adapts them individually and automatically with increasing training experience, increases/decreases the training intensity based on the latest scientific findings and offers a huge variety of sport specific use cases. We will be offering guided workouts, videos, explanations, GPS tracking and a social media interface. To make it easier for you to track your performance you will be awarded certain points after every completed exercise. By continuously accumulating points you will be able to track your workout success and adjust it according to your personal goals. Your personal profile will include a training calendar, in which every training session will be saved and can be viewed retroactively. We are continuously working on new features to provide you more interaction and variety for your workout.

How is it possible to use EMS during conventional sports like running or biking?

To date all full-body EMS devices can be applied only stationary. Such devices are also extremely expensive with pricing points above USD 10,000. For this reason EMS is currently mainly used in specialized gyms. ANTELOPE system is fully mobile, thus, removes the spatial boundaries and brings EMS outdoors. We have developed special submaximal stimulation programs for each specific sporting activity with training suggestions to avoid negative influence on coordination during your exercise e.g. during cycling or running. Pre-activation of all muscles and the positive effect of the electrical impulse on the vascular system are the major drivers of the positive results for endurance sports.

What about the correct fit and the sizes of the garment?

The textiles are available for each sex in 4 different sizes (S, M, L, XL for men and XS, S, M, L for women). The specially developed compressive garment of the ANTELOPE products fits very tight and ensures a comfortable fit and proper positioning of the electrodes. It offers multi-directional stretching that allows the textile to conform to every curve of your body and move with you. The fabric is breathable, antibacterial and machine washable.


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