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Cyclevision ,el casco con càmara delante y detràs , a la venta en octubre...

mientras tanto un retrovisor de casco o de gafas ..


Check this out, battle-weary commuters: a new bike helmet from Australia promises to record on camera nearly everything that happens around you as well as streaming a live rear-view display to your handlebar-mounted smartphone.Its makers claim an impressive 320 degrees of high-definition coverage, thanks to a front and a rear camera embedded in the helmet. It’s not for sale yet – after 14 months of development, the Cyclevision team are now finalising manufacturing contracts, and preparing to put it through the major certification standards (Australian, New Zealand, USA, North America, UK and European).They hope to send us a test sample by July of this year – we’re looking forward to getting our hands on one, and seeing what our video team can create with it.

The cyclevision helmet goes on sale this summer:
The Cyclevision helmet certainly looks svelte in the shots we've been sent
So why’s this a better idea than existing helmet cams? Well, this is a fully integrated solution that combines two cameras within a helmet, for an impressive weight of around 280 grams. Video is recorded at 1080p at 30 frames per second, and the system also captures audio to the supplied 32 Gb micro SD card.

Footage is recorded on a 4.5hr loop, so if the user doesn’t download it from the micro SD card to their computer then it will simply overwrite the old data. The helmet’s internal battery has been designed to provide up to 5hrs of continuous recording, and is recharged by USB cable.

“This vehicle is reversing”

The rear camera can stream hd footage to your smartphone, but could distract you from riding we reckon: the rear camera can stream hd footage to your smartphone, but could distract you from riding we reckon
Here's a look at the rear-facing camera
The Cyclevision helmet can also stream video from the rear camera onto a handlebar-mounted smartphone, like a fancy executive saloon. Now we’re not convinced of the wisdom of looking down and watching rear-camera footage while riding, but the idea is that you can see just how close that kamikaze driver is getting, and take evasive manoeuvres if needed.

This idea has already been developed for motorcycles under the Skully helmet system, which delivers rear-view vision and a heads-up display for around $1,499. Cyclists already have heads-up displays from Garmin and Recon Jet, and Oakley has revealed that it's working on smart glasses called Radar Pace that can report your speed, power and more.

Cyclevision price

Due to the complexity of the helmet build, the Cyclevision team say it will be priced higher than a standard cycling helmet – but we guessed that already.

“Cyclevision fully realises exactly where we want our price point to be and will be doing our damnedest to keep the helmet retail sales price within easy reach of all cyclists serious about providing some real protection for themselves (and ultimately their families and loved ones) as they take to the roads and trails.”

Stay tuned for more info on this, we'll be updating this story with pricing info soon, and getting a test sample in for review this summer.




The Cyclevision bicycle helmet features two (2) uniquely designed 'micro HD cameras' which are embedded within the structure of the helmet. One camera is located at the front and one at the back of the helmet; both cameras record simultaneously onto twin internal Micro SD card mounted within the skeleton of the helmet. The twin cameras record with a 160 degree angle of view (horizontally and vertically) capturing all 'events' in High Definition from behind and in front of the rider, for the duration of your ride.


Lightweight helmet 280 grams (inclusive)
Two 160 degree wide angle cameras recording simultaneously in HD 1080P, at 30FPS.
Professional industry standard audio quality: 48kHz sampling rate.
4.5 hours of vision data on a 'continuous overwriting loop' stored on twin 32GB Micro SD Card (supplied with helmet)
Easy installation of upgraded Micro SD cards to 256GB to improve vision data storage.
High quality, lightweight rechargeable Lithium Polymer (LIPO) power supply, integral within helmet structure providing 5 hours continuous recording time.
Electronics waterproof to IP65 (high pressure water injection).
Visual and audible 'alert tone' when helmet is switched on.
Visual and audible 'alert tone' six (6) continuous beeps when battery is low.
Front light 'visual indicator' is activated when cameras are turned on.
Power supply USB charging + data transfer cable included.
Rear camera is Wi-Fi active to local LAN.
Rear camera is Wi-Fi active compatible for viewing on smartphone device, all live time events unfolding behind the rider.
Vision and audio files easily uploaded for viewing and online sharing.
Helmet tested and certified to Australian bicycle helmet testing standards AS/NZS 2063.2008 and other worldwide internationally recognized bicycle helmet certification standards

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