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Egloo, la calefacciòn econòmica con velas y macetas


This Simple Flower Pot Contraption Can Heat Your Room Without Electricity For 10 Cents Per Day

Have you been looking for an efficient way to heat up your room without raising the price of your hydro bill? Well an Italian inventor may have come up with the solution to your problem.The Egloo is a candle-powered heater created using a stylish terracotta design. It comes in a variety of colours and it’s sleek shape makes it very aesthetically pleasing.This invention was based on the original idea of using terracotta flower pots and candles as a sort of Do-It-Yourself heater. It is a cheap and inexpensive way to heat up your room, but it just doesn’t look as good as the Egloo. Here is the video:

Here are some photos of the Egloo in various different colours and lighting. Each colour effects the atmosphere of the area that its placed in it’s own unique way. Egloo recommends using the Ikea’s 100 pack of aluminum cased candles.
The candles are placed at the base of the Egloo. Once the candles are lit it takes about 5 minutes for the Egloo to warm up to the proper temperature. It warms up the small chamber first, which stores the heat. The heat then spreads to the external chamber. The air intake of the external dome makes the hot air to leave the Egloo’s chamber, causing a thermal exchange within the surrounding environment, which is how it is able to heat up a room. Egloo’s creators claim that it can warm up a room by 2°-3° degrees. It can also heat up your hands, clothing and cups of beverages placed on top of it.

Though the Egloo is mostly non-metal, it has a grill to assist with the transfer of heat. The terracotta material is perfect for this heating feature because the heat builds up quickly fast but is released very slowly.The first prototypes were handcrafted using the “knowledge of Italian terracotta craftsmanship”. For the large scale production, they created a plaster using 3-D printing, combining tradition with innovation.

It is advised to use a maximum of 4 candles in order to avoid overheating in the base of the Egloo. Lower quality candles may cause wax corrosion.It is also advised to use a maximum of 4 candles to avoid that concentrates a high level of temperature in the lower part. Lower quality candles may cause wax corrosion.Be careful when handling the Egloo, as the outer surface can get very hot when it is at it’s peak temperature.Using Egloo is simple. Place the four candles on the base of the Egloo (shown below) and then insert the grill which the domes will be placed on.You can even make the room smell good with it’s heating powers by warming up orange peels or other scented fruits and herbs.This energy efficient style of heating is revolutionizing the way we stay warm. And if you can’t afford an Egloo, you can make a homemade version with only a few household items! Either way you are able to make the best out of terracotta’s amazing heating properties.


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