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Adventure Racing World Championships 2011, Tasmania

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Australia's expedition adventure race - held in Tasmania 2006

Preview of the Adventure Racing World Championships 2011 held in Tasmania. The XPD Expedition Race will host the ARWC 2011. Teams of four will trek, kayak, mountain bike and complete roping sections day and night over a 700km course.


After a morning of kayaking, shooting and trekking, the teams mount up on their bikes and head through Gunns Plains. After 20km of riding they descend into the depths of Gunns Plains Caves where the dank, dark and cramped conditions prove problematic for the teams' sense of direction. Finally emerging into open space, the teams take to their bikes again for another gruelling 50km of hill riding. Waiting at the end is the transiton that will lead them into a 60km trek through the harsh Tasmanian wilderness...


Buff Thermocool Hometown: Spain
Racers: Fran Lopez Costoya (spain), Sari Anderson (usa ), Benjamin Midena (france), Arnau Julia(spain)

Quién son el Buff Thermocool en Tasmania?

Fran Lopez Costoya: nacido en La Coruña, Galicia. Profesor y director de instituto.

Arnau Julià Bonmatí: nacido en Girona, Catalunya. Bombero profesional.

Benjamin Midena: nacido en l’Ardeche, Francia. Organizador de eventos para profesionales y empresas.

Sari Anderson: nacida en Colorado, USA. Atleta profesional.

Los 4 tienen numerosos podiums en raids internacionales, y todos ellos han ganado algun Campeonato del mundo de raids. Fran, Arnau y Benja el año pasado y Sari en el 2006.

Los 4 compiten durante todo el año en otras disciplinas como la orientación, mtb, kayak, ultratrail, esquí de montaña, maratones, ... mantieniendo la forma y el contacto con la multidisciplina ideal para entrenar un raid de aventura.

Fran tiene 3 hijos de 3,6 y 7 años, Benja dos de 4 y 6 años y Sari dos de 1 y 4 años. La edad media del equipo supera los 30 y la experiencia en raids se remonta desde más de 8 años.

ARWC Tasmania
de Buff / Thermo°Cool Team, el Domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011 a las 20:14

El desierto de la costa oeste de Tasmania en Australia, será el escenario salvaje de este Campeonato del Mundo de Raids de Aventura 2011. Durante todo el recorrido los equipos pasarán por selvas ricas y diversas, picos de grandes montañas, costas deshabitadas y ríos de aguas cristalinas.

La carrera en números:
El miércoles 2 de noviembre empieza el Campeonato del mundo.

Oficialmente la carrera se acaba el 11 de noviembre.

El equipo ganador se espera que acabe la carrera en 4-5 dias.

La carrera tendrá entre 700 y 800km... y las disciplinas para recorrer esta distancia serán: trekking. mtb, kayak y todo con la orientación.

96 equipos inscritos, de los quales los 20 primeros son los que han hecho podiums en pruebas del circuito de la Copa del Mundo de este año. El Buff Thermocool lleva el dorsal 1 por ser el vigente Campeón del Mundo. La lista de equipos y nacionalidades es impresionante, la podéis ver en: .

Columbia Vidaraid Hometown: Spain
1st Costa Rica Adventure Race
Racers: Urtzi Iglesias (spain), Uxue Fraile (spain ), Saül Abril (spain), Jon Ander Arambalza (spain)

una aplicación para seguir la carrera desde vuestro smartphone.

XPD Edition 6 Team List

1 Buff Thermocool (2010 Reigning World Champions) ESP
2 Seagate (2nd Place ARWC 2010) NZL
3 (1st Place in Australia) AUS
4 Merrell Adventure Addicts (2nd Place in Australia) RSA
5 Team adidas Terrex (1st Place in United Kingdom) UK
7 Thule Adventure Team (1st Place in Ecuador) SWE
8 Team Ecuador (2nd Place in Ecuador) ECU
9 Team Silva (1st APEX Switzerland) SWE
11 Columbia Vidaraid (1st Costa Rica Adventure Race) ESP
13 (1st Raid The North Extreme) CAN
14 Team Wild Rose (Canada) (2nd Raid The North Extreme) CAN
15 (1st Raid In France) FRA
17 Tecnu Extreme/ Kailash (1st Gold Rush Mother Lode) USA
19 Team Argentina (1st Tierra Viva) ARG flag
21 ACE Logistics Salomon EST
22 Cyanosis - MarQuest International RSA
24 AXA Sports Club SWE
25 Milton Basement Racers CAN
26 MissingLink USA
27 Michael Hill / Team Pink QLD
28 driftwood USA
29 AUS
30 Its All Good VIC
31 Tierra Viva ARG flag
32 Unleash Compression INA
33 Muppets TAS
34 Team Spirit Canada CAN
35 Mountain Designs - Tri Adventure QLD
37 Spin City Cycles Ali Rush QLD
38 Team Bridgedale Socks NZ NZL
39 Toyota Costa Rica Adventure Race CRC costa rica
40 Five Ten NSW
41 Oskalunga Kailash BRA
43 Macpac in Perth WA
45 Benelux Adventure Race Team BEL
46 City Bike Depot Adventurejunkies NSW
47 NSW
48 Kauri Coasters NZL
49 Latitude 19 QLD
50 BRAT (BReast cancer Awareness Team) USA
51 Goldfish NSW
53 Outward Bound Australia ACT
54 Where The Fukrwe QLD
55 Midnight Sun NSW
56 Tri Adventure QLD
57 Dancing Pandas USA
58 Tali Karng Trackers VIC
59 Absolute Disorientation AUS
60 Team East Wind JPN
64 SART Expedition SIN
65 Team Macpac Girls on Top NZL
66 Mawson VIC
67 Dash VIC
68 SA Ambulance SA
69 Sports World Hong Kong HKG
70 Juggernaut XPD 2011 AUS
71 Cyberdo QLD
72 Nga Rakau NZL
73 Hamish and the wheelbarrow WA
74 bmx bandits NSW
75 On The Run ACT
77 Active Atoms HKG
78 Old Dog, New Tricks NSW
79 Ongoing Concern NSW
80 Australia Geographic Outdoor Magazine ACT
81 Where`s the Wine WA
82 Maky NSW
83 No Roads Expeditions NSW
84 Real Discovery JPN
85 Loose Unit WA
86 Team Bones USA
87 Rule5 ACT
88 Fully Rad to the Power of Sick NSW
89 Hard Yucca's NSW
90 Moxie Gear USA
91 Madness WA
96 Adidas Terrex / Accom / OpavaNet (ARES Champions) CZE czech

Burnie Today

Tasmania is an island state located south east of the Australian mainland. Burnie is Tasmania’s most westerly city, located on the North West Coast about 40 minutes from Devonport. It has a northerly aspect and is nestled around Emu Bay on Bass Strait.

The 20,000 residents enjoy a vibrant shopping district that spills onto the beach for seafood and coffee. Burnie has surprising restaurants and cafés to linger in. It has a dynamic cultural life, galleries, performances, exhibitions and community events.

Fantastic food is made in Burnie like whisky and cheese. The best milk in the world for cheese making is produced in the area. There are well stocked delis to tempt you with gourmet treats.

Burnie’s hills hide impressive gardens and parks, and it is surrounded by beautiful beaches, sparkling water and fresh air. In some areas people live in perfect art deco or federation homes and public spaces featuring buildings by contemporary Tasmanian architects and designers. But there is no escaping the presence of a busy container port, the rail hub or the factory framework lining the highway around Emu Bay on the eastern approach to Burnie. A factory which evolved over 75 years manufacturing high volumes of paper for world markets.

In its hey day "The Pulp" employed 3500 people, and after 75 years of supporting the families of Burnie, the mill finally ceased operation in June 2010.
Burnie is a dynamic city

classification 3:38 am 4/11/2011 spanish hour

Rank number Team From
1 9 Team Silva Through CP #9 at 11/4/2011 06:45
2 7 Thule Adventure Team Through CP #9 at 11/4/2011 09:11
3 2 Seagate -carrying 4hr penalty- Through CP #9 at 11/4/2011 06:21
4 5 Team Adidas Terrex Through CP #9 at 11/4/2011 11:40
5 3 Through CP #9 at 11/4/2011 12:00
6 1 Buff Thermocool -carrying 2hr Penalty- Through CP #9 at 11/4/2011 12:20
15 11 Columbia Vidaraid Through CP #1 at 11/2/2011 11:50

Buff Thermocool, 2 hour penalty for losing one of their race bibs which will be served at the last transition

race day 2

Race Standings at a Glance 5/11/2011 2h 32am
Rank Team From Course
1 Team Silva Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011 15:57
2 Seagate - 4hr penalty to serve at CP52 Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011,15:40
3 Thule Adventure Team Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011 16:17
4 Team Adidas Terrex Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011 16:21
5 Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011 16:01
6 AXA Sports Club Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011 16:43
7 Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011 17:12
8 Buff Thermocool,2hr penaltyto serve at CP52 Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011 16:43
9 Merrell Adventure Addicts Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011 16:17
10 City Bike Depot Adventure Junkies Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011 16:55
11 Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011 16:39
12 Cyanosis - MarQuest International Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011 16:56
13 Tecnu Extreme - Kailash Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011 16:42
14 Mountain Designs-TriAdventure Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011 16:32
15 Columbia Vidaraid Through CP #9 at 11/2/2011 18:05

segùn gps

orden 2-7-5-1-4-3-22-24-11-
seagate-a 15 km thule-a 7km adidas terrex- a 5km buff- a 1km merrel-a 1km team blackheart- a 1km cyanosis-a 8km axa- a 500m vidaraid

A las 7:47 de la mañana hora española Arnau informa:

"Hola. Nos hemos tenido que retirar. La Sari ha sufrido una deshidratación junto con diarrea que ha hecho tomar la decisión de una retirada. Ya habíamos parado dos veces más de lo previsto para ver si se recuperaba pensando a priori que era el sueño. Ya os contaremos más."

el otro equipo español vidaraid va en dècima posición.


Race Standings at a Glance
Rank Team From Course
1 Thule Adventure Team Through CP #53 at 11/7/2011 19:57 Full Course
2 Team Silva Through CP #53 at 11/7/2011 21:28 Full Course
3 Seagate Through CP #53 at 11/7/2011 21:34 Full Course
4 Team adidas TERREX Through CP #53 at 11/8/2011 08:29 Full Course
5 AXA Sports Club Through CP #53 at 11/8/2011 08:30 Full Course
6 FJS Through CP #53 at 11/8/2011 11:29 Full Course
7 Merrell Adventure Addicts Through CP #53 at 11/8/2011 11:43 Full Course
8 Cyanosis - MarQuest Int.l Through CP #47 at 11/8/2011 23:52 Full Course
9 Through CP #53 at 11/8/2011 20:02 Full Course
10 City Bike Depot Adv. Junk. Through CP #53 at 11/8/2011 20:43 Full Course
11 Columbia Vidaraid Through CP #53 at 11/8/2011 21:07 Full Course

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