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cuàl es tu status ( specialized ?)

Curtis Keene and Brad Benedict show off the new Specialzied Status - a DH bike for the baller on a budget - in not so sunny whistler.

Video: 2012 Specialized Status

August 1, 2011 2:22 pm

Specialized recently revealed their new Status DH bike to replace the Big Hit. The bike is designed to be a bit more race worthy than the old Big Hit with updated geometry and frame features. Check inside for a video overview on the bike as well as more technical details.

2012 Specialized Status

2012 Specialized Status 2

2012 Specialized Status 1


Slacker headangle than the Big Hit – 65 degrees
Lower bottom bracket height – 14″
DH worthy travel – 8″
Full 1.5 headtube
135mm rear end – better heel clearance
More linear spring curve – suspension feels more like the Demo

DH-Tuned FSR Suspension

WHAT : FSR suspension with four bar linkage tuned for downhill racing.

WHY: This setup provides race-ready suspension performance for the sick speeds and obstacles these riders face, while keeping the cost down.

HOW: The linkage is set up to handle large, high-speed hits with a smooth linear feel. It was designed by the “Czar of FSR” Jason Chamberlain—who has more experience working with DH suspension than anyone in the world—to meet the demands of the sports most demanding downhill terrain.
M4 Alloy DH frame

WHAT : All new, lightweight, M4 alloy frame with 135mm rear end, 1.5” head tube, and ISCG tabs.

WHY: To offer a super strong and light, high value DH frame that boasts great compatibility through features like high-quality chain guides and standard-size rear hubs for easy replacement/upgrade.

HOW: Taking notes from the Monster team on geometry we were able to dial this geo for DH racing with a slack, low center-of-gravity profile. Combining that with a best bang-for-the-buck approach, we can spec this bike with race-ready, industry-standard components so riders can keep it stock or personalize it for their style with ease.
Experience-Tuned Spec

WHAT : The strongest and lightest components available, expressly designed for the DH experience.

WHY: Makes the Status as strong and light as possible, without sacrificing value or compatibility with industry-standard interfaces (so aftermarket components will still fit). Helps riders maximize attainable speeds, while considerably reducing risk.

HOW: Working closely with the Monster Energy team and various manufacturers allows us to dial the spec to work in perfect concert with the Demo platform. We test the components at every stage of development and make adjustments to elicit customized performance from the custom tuned suspension, wheels, crankset, etc.
Build Specs

2012 Specialized Status Builds


Status 1 – $2200 USD
Status 2 – $2800 USD
Frameset w/ FOX Van RC – will be available in some markets

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