viernes, octubre 14, 2011

zot sealant

Using Caffelatex, a new tubeless tire sealant from Effetto Mariposa, Stephen (from Cantitoe Road) is going to demonstrate how to setup a tubeless wheel set for bicycles.

Effetto 2011 Caffélatex Zot! Sealant

Rapid catalyst for the Caffelatex sealant allows much bigger punctures to be sealed instantly. The special formula causes the latex to polymerise immediately sealing larger sidewall cuts etc. Think of it as a Band-Aid! The applicator nozzle applies the ZOT! catalyst inside the tyre cut creating an instant ‘clot’ of latex to seal a cut up-to 2cm long in the tyre carcass.
Caffélatex ZOT! is an instant polymerization catalyzer for Caffélatex, useful in case of relevant tyre damages.

Inserting the tip of ZOT! bottle and squeezing it inside the tyre damage will instantly solidify Caffélatex, sealing holes well above the capacity of any liquid sealant.

Zot! solidifies Caffélatex locally, without compromising its normal lifespan inside the tire. ZOT! has been engineered to work specifically with Caffélatex

sealant formula. Each bottle of ZOT! (30 ml) comes equipped with its under- bottle-cage mounting clip, for easy accessibility and fast trail-side repair.

Price 9 €

segùn pppcordobès que tiene una cannondale rush
Producto nuevo muy interesante para los que llevamos tubeless con líquido. Es un reactivante que cuando pinchas y el líquido empieza a salir se lo echas y automáticamente sella, al instante. Viene bien para los pinchazos estos que son grandes y tardan mucho en taparse. Cuando por fin tapan, te has quedado sin aire. Además viene con un soporte para que lo pongas en los agujeros del portabidón y no moleste.

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