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Aluboo /La Bici Roja de contador

Alfine 8-speed internally-geared hub, Velocity Deep-V rims, Brooks saddle and grips

From the makers of Boo Bicycles, comes the Aluboo™: an affordable aluminum and bamboo bike that looks good, rides great, and is sustainable to build. Please like us on Facebook and support our upcoming


project, launching in October!

The Aluboo™ is a new venture from the makers of Boo Bicycles (www.boobicycles.com) that combines a lot of good stuff: the engineering properties of bamboo and aluminum, the benefits of bike riding, and a sustainable production process. All this, while remaining affordable for folks on a budget.

How do we do it?

Bamboo is one of the most amazing natural materials on the planet. It is excellent at dampening high-frequency vibrations. It is stronger by weight than steel. And it is one of the best carbon sinks in the world--it pulls carbon dioxide out of the air like it is its job!

Bikes are great too. They're fun to ride! There are tons of health benefits to riding, and bikes are a much greener (and less stressful) mode of transportation than sitting in your car by yourself in gridlock traffic on a freeway when all you want is a roasted red pepper and chicken sandwich from Tender Greens... (sorry, I needed to vent--I used to live in LA).

Unfortunately, while riding bikes is green and healthy, building bikes is usually not so green a process. Bikes are often carbon-intensive to produce and involve a lot of nasty chemicals. For example, a lot of bikes are made from cro-moly; a steel hardened with Molybdenum. Well, we're from Colorado, and we've seen what the Molybdenum mine here does to the environment--no thank you.

Aluminum, on the other hand, is lighter, less carbon-intensive to produce, and easier to recycle. It also has much more most post-consumer recycled content than steel. That's why we put it in our bikes, along with carbon-negative bamboo of course.

But to build these bikes, we need your support.

We know how to build a great product, and we have some of the best bamboo around. We're committed to sustainable production and affordability. But to launch the Aluboo™ we need to buy aluminum frames and bike components in large quantities to keep prices low, and that takes money.

For this reason, we are launching a project on www.Kickstarter.com in October. Your donations and support of this project will go directly towards producing the first run of Aluboo™ frames and buying parts in quantity.

We're currently cooking up some really great rewards for your pledges on Kickstarter--be sure to stay tuned!

Your support will help us launch a truly unique, excellent, and sustainable bike--what could be better?

Thanks, James, Nick, and Drew




La Bici Roja de Contador / Contador´s Red Bike

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