sábado, septiembre 29, 2012

multitool key ( literally) , llave multiherramienta ( literalmente !)

10-in-1 Utili-Key Transforms Door Key into Handy Multitool (Photos)

A Swiss Army knife is a handy add-on to a keychain, but an Instructables author, Vitizop decided to go one step further.

The Utili-Key 10-in-1 Tool has the following:

1. Phillips screwdriver lite (pc cover diassembly)

2. saw (wood)

3. bottle opener (beer)

4. rope cutter (nylon, cotton ….)

5. screwdriver

6. hexagonal key (exp: Phillips screwdriver plugins)

7. knife sharpener

8. wire cutter (copper, paperclip)

9. nail

10. nail file

+ 11. magnetic (old winchester magnet over pull up)

12. can opener (not elegant) 1st saw tooth

The user also notes that he or she is working on adding a knife feature to the key. Clever, minimalistic and highly practical — we approve.


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