martes, septiembre 25, 2012

Interbike 2012

TiGr Lock elegant bicycle security

Company: TiGr Lock/Stanton Concepts LLC Titanium bicycle lock: Strong, Light, Versatile, Secure Long enough to capture both wheels on most road bikes Easy to carry, straps to the top tube while in transit Anti-Pick Rotary Disc locking cylinder housed in a stainless steel Pounds lighter than common u-locks

Price: $200.00


Velocite Helios Aero

Company: Cycle Associates and Velocitebikes Helios Aero represents a true milestone in the aerodynamic road bike field. It is the only aero bike that uses the well understood, true aerodynamic profiles that are effective in turbulent air, and at varying yaw angles, while exceeding the stiffness of any other aero road bike and most standard road bicycles. The Velocite Helios Aero was designed by Lewis Mathiske, a renowned aerodynamic frame designer whose designs have already won world championships.


Dux Helm Bicycle Helmet

Dux Helm is proud to present our latest and innovative bicycle helmet. Dux Helm's lightweight helmet features discretely built-in retractable lenses for any type of weather conditions. rain or...

We are proud to present the world's first bike helmet with patent pending 3 R Lens System - Retractable, Removable, Replaceable.

Visit us at HTTP://DUXHELM.COM for more information. .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.

when you are going down, the vertical bar and the seat goes till 30 degrees to the back

when you are going up the vertical bar and the seat goes till 30 degrees to the front

ARC Bikes ARC Bikes could change the way bikes are designed! Big claim. but if you come to our booth (28080) and watch or take a ride yourself on our "Teeter Trainer" up and down hill simulator you will see what I'm talking about. The indexing seat tube that pivots about the bottom bracket allows the rider to position (and instantly lock) the seat tube within the 30 degree range. Instead of standing to gain power when you climb just press the handlebar mounted lever and the seat tube instantly moves to the position you desire and locks solid the seat is now under you but you're in the standing position, great for long grades. Going downhill just click the seat tube back and you're down and over the rear tire. Weather climbing or going downhill the seat height never changes because it pivots about the bottom bracket on an ARC. Confused? come to our booth and it will be clear in 30 seconds.


New UST B.A.S.E. Kits

Company: Revere Supply Co. DBA eGear/UST

The redesigned B.A.S.E. Series of Survival Kits by UST lets you choose the combination of survival tools that are right for your adventure. Standard 1.0, Intermediate 2.0, and Advanced 3.0—shown here: Sparkie™ Fire Starter • Compact, one-hand-operation sparking device lasts over 200 strikes JetScream™ Floating Signal Whistle • 122 decibels • Pea-less design won’t freeze or clog 2 WetFire™ Tinder Cubes • Non-toxic, odorless & smokeless, works perfectly when wet 2 Chlorine Dioxide Water Purifier Tablets • 1 tablet makes one liter of water suitable for drinking Tag-It™ Signal Light • Steady-on/flashing modes • Visibility up to 2 miles away • Built-in biner Liquid-Filled Compass • Durable and dependable liquid-filled compass SaberCut™ Razor Saw • Razor and 24 teeth-per-inch saw in one • Saw cuts 3/8” rebar in just 25 minutes aLOKSAK® Waterproof Storage Bag • Clear, flexible, air-tight storage certified waterproof to 200 ft ( 60 m)

Price: $49.95


CyFy WristView Mirrors

Company: Sequoia Fitness Products USA

CyFy WristView Mirrors from CyFy Cycle Products / Sequoia Fitness Booth H920 (Lower) • Super-reflective slap cuffs combined with a rear view convex mirror • See traffic behind you and make left turns and lane changes with improved safety • Up to 200x more visible in low light conditions; Felt backing for comfort • STRAIGHTEN-SLAP-TWIST TO ALIGN • Includes CyFy I.D. location for emergency info CyFy WristView Mirrors provide cyclists with superior bicycle safety. CyFy WristView Mirrors are convex mirrors mounted on adjustable, reflective bands. Simply hold up your arm, glance at the WristView Mirror, and see if there are cars in your blind spot. CyFy WristView Mirrors fit all wrist sizes, from kids to adults, and provide the bike safety required when road cycling. All CyFy bands contain CyFy I.D. - a place to write in emergency contact info or allergies and medical info in case of emergency.


Barak Generator G3000 Company: Jooyn Power Shenzhen Ltd

Many cyclists equipped bicycle generator to obtain a continuous green energy. But after the usage of a period of time, they found the generating efficiency began to decline. More annoying, the continuous and strong friction between generator and bicycle tire resulted severe wear of tire which produced safety hazards of leakage or riding slip. We started thinking about how to solve this problem. After multiple prototype experiment in the past 3 years, we found a solution: The first Tire-Worn-Free active wear Barak Generator G3000. Since then, cyclists can enjoy an endless supply of clean energy. It's not only a practice of green concept, but also a saving on power cost. For outdoor or long-distance cycling, Barak Generator is MUST-HAVE equipment. Portable power depletion in wild mountains and forests may result travel into a quandary. And manpower generating is the light bringer urgently needed now.



BMC Timemachine TMR01

Company: BMC USA The timemachine TMR01 was designed for powerful riders who like to challenge the wind. The sharpest weapon for escapees, sprinters and short distance triathletes, cutting the wind like nothing else. Made to ride fast. Aerodynamics Sharing a lot of technology with the fastest time trial bike out there, the timemachine TM01, the TMR01 is also based on the SubA concept. Using the tripwire technology and truncated profiles, tested and approved with our professional athletes in the wind tunnel, this bike is the perfect choice to fight the wind. Integration With the timemachine TMR01, we took system integration to a new level, going beyond everything the cycling world has seen so far. Frame, brakes, fork, seatpost, Di2 components, cablerouting, everything is part of one concept, leaving nothing in the wind slowing you down. With DTi (dual transmission integration), the integration is clean, no matter whether you choose a mechanical or electronical drivetrain


The largest annual gathering of the bike industry in North America

Interbike is the premier cycling trade event in North America with more than 750 companies representing more than 1,200 brands - a one stop opportunity to connect with the entire industry, discover emerging trends and learn new business ideas at Interbike University. Pick your passion and find your people. From BMX to Triathlon, to OutDoor Demo and beyond. Interbike is more than just about the companies attending, it's about the company you'll be keeping. And it only happens once a year. Come for the Culture, Stay for the Show.

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