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còmo ahumar ciclistas / UCI world championships /du santa pola ,entrenamiento MTB

David rides with two Go Pro cameras at all times in training (one front, one rear). This K-Edge mount just barely fits between the stem face plate and Zipp Vuka Clip aerobar. David said that he was forced to ride with cameras constantly due to dangerous encounters with drivers that are sending text messages or not paying attention.


dahon girl


bicis robadas

MAXIMA DIFUSIÓN!!! El pasado domingo le robaron esta bici a un amigo en la Copa Gironina de Sarrià de Ter, tiene que aparecer!!!

Lazaro Cerda Martinez
Me han robado esta bicicleta, si alguien la ha visto o sabe algo por favor que se ponga en contacto conmigo por aqui o al teléfono 619820898. Compartirlo. Gracias



Sitio Oficial de SPORT BIKE - Ibarra Ecuador Reto al Oasis 2013


como ahumar ciclistas (aposta)

Cummins vs Bicycles
lanzamiento de humo a voluntad con un sistema que se explica a continuaciòn:

Disclaimer: This article was written for entertainment/educational purposes. We do not recommend you modify your truck in any manner for the sole purpose of soot/smoke production. Not only will excessively high EGTs cause engine damage, but these acts are having detrimental repercussions on our industry. Consider reading the article "Smoke Responsibly" for further information, including how you can help. There is a time and a place to roll some coal - don't give the tree huggers any ammunition to support further emissions restrictions.

So you wanna blow some smoke in your oil burner? The key ingredient to a thick coal roll is excess fuel. Black exhaust smoke, or soot, is partially burned carbon molecules. When fuel is not completely burned it leaves the engine as soot. There are many ways to make your Duramax, Power Stroke, or Cummins diesel blow some black smoke. We've listed them in order of estimated cost. A smoke switch tricks your engine into thinking it needs more fuel and you end up with a thick cloud of black smoke do to excessive fueling.

Smoke switches work in different ways depending on the manufacturer. For Cummins diesels. they tie into the MAP sensor. With the flip of a switch, the MAP sensor is turned off, making the engine think it needs more fuel. This is especially effective in leaving a thick trail of smoke if you have an aftermarket tuner or module. For 6.0L Power Strokes, a smoke switch wires into the VGT solenoid to lower boost levels, allowing the engine to over fuel and release clouds of black smoke. Smoke switches for Duramax diesels are less common. A smoke switch is not the safest way of blowing smoke, so be forewarned that your engine may through trouble codes (check engine light) under these conditions. Used conservatively, this is the cheapest way to roll some coal. We have not ran into many commercially available smoke switches - most are the result of backyard builds so you'll need to wire your own.
tuners and modules
Aggressive tuners and modules will get your coal rolling on the highest performance settings because they fuel the engine excessively. Edge tuner & module combinations are pretty good at getting the smoke flowing. Other turners focus on "smoke free" power, so be picky. How much smoke you'll get depends an awful lot on your application as well. Tuner and module combinations are a much safer way to get your oil burner smoking, as most of them have safety provisions to prevent excessive EGT and some even have built in EGT gauges.

Roll Coal The Right Way:

The best way to blow some serious black smoke is to go all out. Larger injectors combined with aggressive custom tuning will let you lay down some massive clouds of black smoke - the ultimate coal roll. Injectors increase the amount of fuel that can be dumped into your engine per injection cycle, while the tuning keeps the engine thinking it needs more diesel. Throw in a larger injection pump to keep fuel pressures high and add a water-methanol injection system to keep EGTs down and you have the perfect combination. With the flip of a switch, leave your challengers in a stream of thick black soot and then clean up the exhaust stream to keep the authorities happy.

Make Your IDI Smoke:

If you have an older, mechanical IDI engine (or 12v Cummins) you can lay down a pretty nice haze of smoke simply by turning up the injection pump. Be careful, excessive fuel will cause those EGTs to rise rapidly so it's wise to install a EGT gauge.
And lastly, if you have a DPF equipped truck, you'd better delete the diesel particulate filter before attempting to blow smoke. Remember, the DPF catches soot, and all you'll do is clog the filter or send you truck in active regen over and over again.


SPAIN / ESPAGNE contrareloj/fondo
ESP FLECHA GIANNONI Juan Antonio ESP19770917 X
ESP SANCHEZ GIL Luis Leon ESP19831124 X/ X
total 4/ 14

U23 Men ITT Highlights - 2013 UCI World Road Championship

Damien Howson win the U-23 Men's.

Howson: pre-race favourite lives up to expectations

A bronze medallist in 2012 in the same World Championships category, his country's reigning U-23 TT champion and the winner of the U-23 Time Trial and Road-Race in the Oceania Championships this spring, it is fair to say that Howson was one of the top favourites for the 43.47 kilometre course in Toscana.
If so, Howson more than lived up to his promise, becoming the only rider to complete the fast, flat course from Pistoia to Firenze in under 50 minutes. His time of 49 minutes and 50 seconds was 57 seconds faster than second placed Yoann Paillot of France, with Denmark's Lasse Norman Hansen rounding out the podium with bronze at 1 minute and 10 seconds. Campbell Flakemore of Australia took fourth at 1 minute and 22 seconds, completing an excellent day's racing for his country, with Lawson Craddock of the USA in fifth.

Seven riders, in fact, were less than two minutes slower than Howson: but with nearly a full minute's advantage on the second fastest rider on the day, Paillot, it is fair to say he stood head and shoulders above the rest. That Howson was actually a fraction of a second slower than Lasse Norman Hansen at the first intermediate checkpoint, but then opened up a gap of 36 seconds by the second checkpoint simply confirms that. "At the start of the season I won the Australian and Oceania titles and so set myself the goal of taking all three," Howson said. "The world title has been a major focus of mine all year, so I'm so happy to have done it." "I always try and maintain a constant pace from start to the finish. I was told doing a good ride and I think this is one of the best riders I've ever done."

To see the championships...visit this youtube channel

Toscana - Italy 22-29 Septembre 2013

25 sept elite men h. 13:15:00 Montecatini Terme Firenze Mandela Forum 57,9 km


Gara in linea domenica 29
Uomini Élite h. 10:00:00 Lucca Firenze Mandela Forum 272,26



hoy necesitaba entrenar el circuito de Mtb del du santa pola. Mi montura era la cannondale cafeìna.
Comencè limpiando la basura de mis congèneres y vecinos que habìan lanzado en el bosquecillo, en la carretera del camping y delante del "puticlùs" que parecìa en èste caso otra actuaciòn santera por las flores, la cera y por alguna vìscera que otra ..
Luego a las 6 menos cuarto me fuì enb directo por carretera a santa pola y a una media hora estaba en el entronque del circuito de bici con la circunvalaciòn, al inicio de la subida.
Me puse a atacar la cuesta con viento en contra, y luego girè a la derecha para subir a la torre. A mitad de subida me pasò un ciclista con el maillot de la marcha de crevillente de èste año. Me saludò y me confirmò que estaba entrenando y que era el ùltimo dìa.Dejè que se fuera , pero lo vì como una oportunidad para exprimirme y cuando estuve a vista de la torre apretè , pero no reducìa mucho la distancia. Una vez pasadas las curvas en ese con piso malo, metì el plato y entonces sì que me acerquè al biker y le pasè .Luego cuando se volviò a poner el camino pedregoso me volviò a pasar para pararse casi a continuaciòn. Yo seguì para girar a la izquierda y bajar, enseguida habìa otro chico con el maillot de crevillente parado . Pensè que se habìa caìdo pero sòlo estaba recogiendo un bidòn que habìa perdido el sàbado. Lo que pasa es que el bidòn que llevaba hoy tambièn lo habìa perdido !

Yo continùo el circuito a toda velocidad , subo al faro, bajo hacia los chalets y empalmo con "la blanca", el camino de grava blanca , que llega hasta cruzar el asfalto de subida al faro, justo en la zona del set de rodaje de àsterix .
Sigo por el camino y bajo hasta la blanca otra vez . Remonto y giro a la derecha para bajar a santa pola a toda màquina. Luego el asfalto con una bajada vertiginosa y llego al paseo, lo hago del tiròn y sigo la subida y bajada que me lleva al punto de partida. He tardado 1h 3min. lo que es un tiempo de competiciòn. Yo he substituìdo la carrera inicial,5km unos 25 min por la media hora que he tardado en venir desde el altet.
Luego el cuarto de hora de carrera lo he substituìdo por la media hora de vuelta , apretè un poco cuando me pasò un carretero , tenìamos viento a favor pero no hubo manera de pillarle.

Buen entrenamiento y unas dos horas casi a tope.
Ahora tengo que entrenar la carrera a piè...

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