domingo, septiembre 22, 2013

bicis de madera

Renovo R1 la bici de madera

bici de madera cuadrada

bici de madera


Deysach has opted for more familiar, non-wooden drive and steering systems - adding a White Industries crank set, freewheel, steel bottom bracket and pedals, a Shimano Dura Ace hollow pin chain that's said to be both durable and rust-free and Mavic open pro rims on Phil Wood 32 hole flip flop track hubs. Hidden inside the head tube is a Chris King 1-inch No Threadset headset, the handlebar is an Ahearne map which has a Paul brake lever attached to it leading to Dia-Compe front caliper brakes.

The Lagomorph bike's frame is priced at US$2,500 and the forks and stem cost US$1,000. A complete build will empty your bank account to the tune of US$6,000, making it cheaper than the duo from Audi and Renovo - but without the disk brakes, multiple gears, LED lights and rack. Deysach says that he would need a good 12 weeks for construction and that custom options are available.


The Bonobo does indeed look like it would soak up the potholes, and weighs in at 16 kilograms (35.27 lbs) - by no means a featherweight, but not unreasonable for a cruiser bike.


Splinter Bike - a bicycle built ENTIRELY out of wood


The duo Road retails for US$7,460.

The duo Sport retails for US$7,350.

The duo City US$ 6,530

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