lunes, agosto 22, 2016

Taxistas contra ciclistas /entrena el tri con la burra


Faciltel el teléfono para los mayores, muy sencillo de manejar , con 2 tarjetas, 30 €
Se me rompiò el telèfono nokia " irrompible " y me fuì a ver si se podìa reparar. Cuando me dijeron que no comprè el faciltel.
Por la tarde despuès de ver la vuelta, decidì vestirme de romano y salir a entrenar el tri con la burra.


Annoyed Toronto Taxi Driver uses car to hit a Delivery Cyclist.

Taxi driver, careless driving and assault Aug 2015 min 3:35

Publicado el 14 abr. 2016
Edinburgh Taxi 505 28/08/15 at approx 1600hrs, at the time it was operated by City Cabs.

This video has been in my vault for a long time, i had to wait till after the court case before i could upload it. Finally the court case has been held and the driver sentenced.
I will apologise straight away as i am uploading the video from just before the incidents start right up till i cross the road to get away from the taxi driver so i can talk to the police on the phone. I have not fast forwarded any parts, so it is over 5 minutes long. This is the same video the Police were given for evidence.
At the scene i kept the camera running until the Police turned up just incase the driver decided to try doing anything else it would provide a timeline for them. But they didn't want or need anything from after i crossed the road.

All the witnesses turned up in court today, but before we had to give evidence he decided to plead guilty.
I believe he was charged with at least one possibly two charges of careless driving, and also with assault. I will not find out exactly till i can talk to the prosecutors office.
Personally i think it should be dangerous driving as he knew what he was doing and his actions are deliberate. Careless driving suggests he was just not paying enough attention.
He was given 9 points on his license and a fine of £360 plus court costs.

Added Info
Driver was charged with 1 charge of careless driving, and a charge of Assault.
So i guess the Judge looked on it pretty seriously to give him 9 points as that is the most that can be given for a careless driving offence.

CD10 Driving without due care and attention 3 to 9
CD20 Driving without reasonable consideration for other road users 3 to 9
CD30 Driving without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for other road users 3 to 9

Oviedo police do not know the law!


Hoy tocaba salir con la flaca para hacer unos 40 km entrenando el tri del 4 de septiembre.
La idea era hacer unos 40 km a buena marcha y salì hacia el carril bici de la playa , par aluego ir a balsares a coger el carril bici hasta la disco star para subir hacia elche por el carril bici , luego por el carril de servicio , para volver a empalmar con el carril bici hasta la vìa parque . Luego lleguè al polìgono industrial para encontrar la carretera transversal hacia torrellano. Volvì por el paso a nivel que lo cerraron en mis narices y ya volvì por la carretera del aeropuerto al altet, ya anocheciendo aunque se veìa a eso de las 9 de la noche.

Fueron 39,7km de distancia en 1:24:11 de tiempo en movimiento a una media de 28,3km/h màxima de 38,5km/h con un desnivel de 125m gastando 803 calorìas . Segùn el cuenta km fueron 43,61 km en 1:23:26 a una media de 31,3 km/h con una màxima de 42,9 km/h

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