viernes, agosto 12, 2016

Jeff Sitar que podrìa ser el mejor ladròn del mundo , no ejerce como ladròn !


World Champion Safecracker Jeff Sitar Cracks Bank Vault in 5 Minutes by Touch

Jeff has also won 8 international safecracking competitions -- a feat unmatched
in the history of these contests.

His work has been the subject of articles in Time Magazine, Maxim, Men’s Health,
FHM, Mass Appeal, Bikini, Bottom Line Personnel, and Sly Magazine.
Need your safe or lock opened? Call Jeff at 973-777-0620 for prompt and courteous service at reasonable prices!

Q. Do you have a set fee schedule?

A. It really depends on the job. My fee is
determined by distance -- where I have to go --
and the type of lock I have to manipulate. Some
jobs are as little as $95 to $150 for a home safe
and up. Expenses, like airfare, are factored into
the price. I expect payment in advance for jobs
that require a lot of traveling.

Q. What kind of tools do you use?

A. I mostly rely on sight, hearing, and feel, so the
tools I use are very fundamental. I use a hearing
device similar to a stethoscope, with a magnetic
attachment and headphones. Or in very few
cases where I can't manipulate the lock, I am
equipped with drilling equipment.

And no, I don't use dynamite.

Q. Have you ever failed to complete a job?

A. I have never failed, not once. I've never met a
safe I couldn't open.

Q. Are you affiliated with other organizations?

A. I'm a member of SAVTA -- the Safe and Vault
Technicians Association -- and I work closely
with the North Jersey Master Locksmith

Q. Are you discreet about the jobs and the contents of the safes you open?

A. A lot of times I am dealing with a place where
people keep their prized possessions. I 100%
guarantee total confidentiality for each job. As
far as the contents of the safes I open, I open the
door to the safe a crack and walk away without
looking inside. I feel it is none of my business.

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