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Xterra mèxico , ganan Akerson y Snyder

Akerson, Snyder win XTERRA Mexico

August 6, 2016/in All, All Triathlon, Pan Am, Race Reports /by XTERRA

Tapalpa, Jalisco – Rom Akerson and Suzie Snyder captured the ninth of 10 races on the inaugural XTERRA Pan America Tour at XTERRA Mexico in Tapalpa this morning.

The two long-time XTERRA elites also won XTERRA Dominican Republic last week, and its Snyder’s fourth victory of 2016.

Perhaps the biggest story of the day, however, had nothing to do with the race as reigning XTERRA World Champ Josiah Middaugh was rushed to the hospital in Guadalajara, two hours away, in the middle of the night with a bad case of appendicitis. Instead of racing today he had his appendix removed. He’s doing well, even trending on Facebook showcasing his trademark great sense of humor and humility with pics and video from the hospital.

Back at Los Reflejos, a beautiful venue high up in the mountains, the race went on with Branden Rakita leading the elite men’s contenders out of the warm waters of Lago San Juan followed by Akerson, Francisco Serrano and Kieran McPherson.

“The swim was great, here at altitude with no speedsuit, no wetsuit,” said Akerson. “I suffered a bit but still came out of the water feeling good. Once we got on the bike Paco (Francisco Serrano) caught us really quick, he was really strong and right when he came in he just attacked. My coach told me to ride a defensive and go with him until the last big climb and measure myself, and if I had it in me to attack him there to attack on the downhill.”

Serrano said “my swim wasn’t what I expected. I got a cramp getting out of the water and couldn’t walk out of transition so I had to shake it out a little bit. I managed to bridge the gap all the way to the front and I was riding with Rom. We were riding well…. there were 3 or 4 of us on the first descent, then it was only Rom and me…and afterwards on the uphill Rom got a little bit in front of me. I was going to give it a go on the downhill and try to catch him, but I think I went a bit too hard because I got a flat as we went down. I tried to fix it with co2 because I thought it was going to seal. Anyhow, I rode flat but still I was good in 2nd place heading into transition and I thought I could make it on the run.”

Akerson recalls the bike duel like this… “On the first climb 100-meters from the top I was watching Paco climb and he was dropping the pace and right before we hit the top he attacked super hard and I was ready and I went with him and I counter attacked and we were handle bar to handle bar at the top. He made the first little downhill and I went behind him and that’s when the other guys got dropped there. Then he pulled on the flats and I pulled some and we started climbing the second big climb and started putting up the pace…opened a little hole, maybe 10-meters, 20-meters and then a 30-second gap and coming down I’ve been feeling good on my bike, so coming down that technical hill I didn’t fall and made it to the bottom. I knew I needed a gap on Paco to win. He has a lot of experience racing and I thought he was going to run a little better. I needed a minute on him to win and I had a gap – don’t know what it was – a minute or so…and I ran with what I had. The first lap I was hurting bad, the second one I was feeling a lot better and I had the lead and got motivated for sure – I was super stoked.”

Serrano said “I was feeling alright on the run, especially on the second-lap I was feeling strong and pushed it. Kieran (McPherson) was running strong, and I knew he was close, but still I knew I had a good enough gap …and then I lost a shoe (he literally lost his shoe in the mud) and Kieran came by.”

McPherson posted the fastest run of the day to jump past Serrano into second, his best finish yet on the XTERRA World Tour.

“I was really surprised…right in contention with Paco and Rom – in a good spot – I rode hard with them to top of the first hill and coming down the climb Paco attacked and I tried to go with him and I dropped the chain so I was riding with no chain all the way down to the bottom of the steep first hill,” said McPherson.

“I stopped and untangled it and pull it out so I lost a bit of time there…the gap stayed the same to the bottom of the big climb. I knew I wasn’t going to get up the climb with them, but it was good pacing to get to the climb with them. I thought I could have one of the stronger runs, so I just needed to get as close as I could. I caught Paco on the run at the big ditch where we had to climb down into pretty thick mud at the bottom. I tried to jump across but Paco got down in and sunk his shoe…he ended up losing a shoe in the bottom and I knew I was closing him but it would have been tight to the finish if he’d continued on… Still, couldn’t be happier with second today. Finally got one that went pretty right together…so I’m pretty happy.”

Akerson was equally excited with his win today…

“I wanted this one and I needed it…back to back in the series and for my sponsors,” said Akerson, who’s been racing XTERRA for more than a decade now (10 years ago at the age of 22 he won the overall amateur XTERRA World Championship title).

“But let’s not forget Josiah got sick – so the whole thing changed around – I hope he gets better,” said Akerson. “The race would’ve been different if he’d have been here.”

Esteban Rosas was strong all day in fourth and Branden Rakita held on for fifth.


This time last year Suzie Snyder was in a world of hurt, having just crushed her pelvis in a pre-riding accident here in Tapalpa. The rehab was extensive, but she’s back now and back on top.

“It’s a funny feeling…I just wanted to have fun and really enjoy being here and not worry about the results,” said Snyder.

It turns out the results would take care of themselves as Snyder got an early lead out of the water, built on it during the bike, and held on for a sprint-finish over Myriam Guillot-Boisset at the line.

“I didn’t see Mimi behind her until she appeared on the last, short downhill trail which hits the straight jeep trail leading to the finish,” said Snyder. “I wouldn’t have known who it was if I hadn’t recognized the yellow bands on the bottom of her shorts.”

It took every ounce of energy Snyder had to hold off Guillot-Boisset for the one-second win.

“I had no legs, physically didn’t feel great, the altitude may have played a part in that (7,000-feet) but thought we’re all in the same boat,” said Snyder after race.

Guillot-Boisset, who came off the bike more than five-minutes behind Snyder, said “I love running. I started the run fast and caught Fabiola (Corona) in the middle of the first lap and after that I had no expectations because I had no idea where Suzie was. Then at the end of the second-lap at the little downhill I saw Suzie…I just needed another 10 meters. Next time.”

Corona, winner of the last three XTERRA Mexico titles, said “I’m very happy. Mimi runs like a rabbit and this is the first time we had such a deep women’s elite field with 10 women – and six from other countries!”

Corona may have finished third but she was first in the hearts of the adoring local crowd, who was shouting “Fabi, Fabi” as she crossed the finish line.

“Of course it’s always special for me here. My whole family is here, my friends, and this is my town.”

Her fellow countrywomen Maria Barrera and Dunia Gomes finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

Women's top three

Quote on the day: “In the swim, I got passed by a duck!” – Myriam Guillot-Boisset.

XTERRA President Janet Clark was on hand to witness all the action, and said “The XTERRA Family is alive and well in Mexico. They definitely LIVE MORE! There were hundreds of athletes and supporters – it rocked.”

The race started with traditional Mexican drummers, the marching in of the flag, and singing of the national anthem. At the finish line was a traditional mariachi band.

“There was even a dog swimming with the athletes and a duck that crossed the timing mat for the first lap,” exclaimed Clark. “There were cows and horses all over the bike course. Laura Mira Dias told me they were moo-ing at the cows to get them out of the way and that sometimes you couldn’t even see the trail, it was covered with cows.”

Up Next: XTERRA Pan America Championship (Ogden, Utah) September 17


Pos Name, NAT Time Points
1 Rom Akerson, CRC 2:20:40 100
2 Kieran McPherson, NZL 2:22:53 90
3 Francisco Serrano, MEX 2:24:24 82
4 Esteban Rosas, MEX 2:24:40 75
5 Branden Rakita, USA 2:30:36 69
6 Leonardo Ramirez, MEX 2:34:46 63
7 Leonardo Saucedo, MEX 2:34:52 58
8 Eduardo Padilla, MEX 2:36:46 53
9 Anibal Sanchez, MEX 2:39:02 49
10 Ramon Panagos, COL 2:39:43 45
Also: Nicolas Alvarez (41), Salvador Ruiz (37)

Pos Name, NAT Time Points
1 Suzie Snyder, USA 2:48:32 100
2 Myriam Guillot-Boisset, FRA 2:48:33 90
3 Fabiola Corona, MEX 2:52:14 82
4 Maria Barrera, MEX 2:56:36 75
5 Dunia Gomes, MEX 2:59:47 69
6 Sabrina Gobbo, BRA 3:04:46 63
7 Debby Sullivan, USA 3:05:34 58
8 Laura Mira Diaz, BRA 3:13:26 53
9 Katharine Carter, CAN 3:17:47 49


2016 (Tapalpa) Rom Akerson, Suzie Snyder

2015 (Tapalpa) Josiah Middaugh, Fabiola Corona

2014 (Tapalpa) Irving Perez, Fabiola Corona

2013 (Tapalpa) Leonardo Chacon, Fabiola Corona

2012 (Tapalpa) Francisco Serrano, Renata Bucher

2011 (Tapalpa) Seth Wealing, Shonny Vanlandingham

2010 (Valle de Bravo) Seth Wealing, Fabiola Corona

2009 (Valle de Bravo) Seth Wealing, Shonny Vanlandingham

2006 (Puerto Vallarta) Francisco Serrano, Jamie Whitmore

Mexico Winners

Appendix or not, Josiah Middaugh still holds the lead in the Pan Am Pro Series elite standings with only the must-count finale at the XTERRA Pan America Championship race in Utah on September 17 remaining.

With today’s win at XTERRA Mexico Rom Akerson jumped into a tie for second with Karsten Madsen. Madsen won both Canadian races in the Pan Am Tour, was 2nd at XTERRA Argentina behind Middaugh and third at XTERRA Oak Mountain behind Middaugh and Mauricio Mendez.

Akerson started the season with a 3rd place finish at XTERRA Costa Rica behind Karl Shaw and Middaugh, a 3rd place finish at XTERRA Beaver Creek behind Middaugh and Sam King, then won the last two races at the Dominican Republic and today in Mexico.

The kiwi Kieran McPherson jumped into fourth after posting a career-best runner-up finish today and sits seven points in front of Branden Rakita heading into the finale.

On the women’s side Suzie Snyder became the only elite to secure a perfect 350-point score heading into the Pan Am Championship by virtue of winning her fourth race in five tries today.

Myriam Guillot-Boisset jumps into second-position with her fourth scoring race of the season, followed by Maia Ignatz, Kara LaPoint, and Sabrina Gobbo. Just 15 points separate those three making for some really exciting racing in Utah on September 17.

Elites count their best four scores (two gold, two silver) PLUS whatever they get at the Pan Am Championship to determine their final points total. The top 10 ranked men and women in the final elite standings will split $60,000 USD in winnings, plus the race itself offers a $20,000 purse.

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