jueves, septiembre 22, 2016

Mate E-bike bici elèctrica plegable desde 599 US$ +200 US$ envìo

Mate E-bike
MATE. The coolest and most affordable eBike foldable EVER
Starting at 599 USD Available exclusively on Indiegogo

Where can I buy a MATE?
Currently you can only get a MATE by pledging for MATE.BIKE on the crowdfuding site Indiegogo.By backing up our project and pick one of our perks , you will essentially be pre-ordering one of our MATE bikes, at a very get a special backer discount, and you'll receive it before it is available in retail.

Is MATE available / shipped worldwide?

Yes, MATE is available worldwide via supporting our Indiegogo campaign. We ship worldwide.

What are the price for each version?
You can choose between one of the 3 different perks we are offering on Indiegogo.

MATE Classic*, 250W, with standard battery 36 V 10.4 Ah: 599 USD + shipping***

MATE Classic*, 250 W, with upgraded battery 36V 13 Ah: 699 USD + shipping***

MATE Full Speed**, 250W, with upgraded battery 36V 13 Ah: 749 USD + shipping***

*EU-legal version, whcih is by default limited according to EN15194 to the top speed of 25 km/h (15,5 mph).
*US-legal version, which is limited to 20 mph (32 km/h)
*World-wide shipping approximately 200 USD per bike

When will MATE bikes be available for retail?
We are working on making MATE available for retail via our website and through some local suppliers in the current of 2017. Expected retail price will however be much higher than our Indiegogo launch price.


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