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Entrenando con la cabra la contrareloj del club



EN: Fancy a #TriathlonCamp in Spain with the Pro Domenico Passuello Triathlete, several IRONMAN winner, enthusiastic & great #Triathlete? Stay tuned, soon dates at Spaintristages...

ES: Os gustaría entrenar #Triathlon en Alicante con el Pro Domenico Passuello Triathlete, ganador de varios IRONMAN, gran profesional y #triatleta? Pronto fechas en Spaintristages..


Domenico Passuello – Pro Guest Trainer

December 14, 2016 Roberto Guzman Mesa STS Team

We are glad to present Domenico as part of our Pro Guest Trainer at SpainTriStages.

Let’s leave this space to present himself, so you can get to know this excellent Pro Triathlete with a great story behind.

Welcome Domenico, we can’t wait your Camps to start with us, we know they will be great.

In words of Domenico:

My relationship with the sport…my father was a professional cyclist

My relationship with the sport started exactly at the same time I was born 38 years ago, as my father was a professional cyclist, he was also assistant to many Cyclist Champions as Francesco Moser, Giuseppe Saronni, Roger De Vlaeminck and many others, he worked with them together during 9 Giro d’Italia, 10 Milano San Remo, 10 Paris Roubaix and Tour of Flanders, a really strong and dignified career, that I always admired since I was a child.

This way I learned a lot from my father about all sporting life as well as training, recovery, nutrition…I can say almost everything, as It was our daily life…

I started my sporting life as soccer player at the age of 9 years old, I was really strong and fast and I had good numbers, an average of 15/20 goals every year.

As I was 17 years I decided to stop playing soccer and enjoy life as a teenager so I played with Torino Footbal Club for the last two years.

After this period, while doing lot of surfboard, I decided to start with cycling.

Cycling was not my passion, so I stopped in 2005 at my fourth year as professional…

I been a cyclist since I was 18 to 26 with let’s say medium success, but I have to say that was not my life/passion and not what I loved to do so I stopped in 2005 at my fourth year as professional cyclist.

My best team was Quick step Davitamon which was the founding team of today’s well known as Quick Step Team in Pro Tour.

There I had amazing colleagues: Paolo Bettini, Johan Mussew, Richard Virenque, Frank Vandenbrouke, Tom Boonen and Luca Paolini.

I really learned a lot from them during these years and had the chance to be in contact with the pro cyclist scene.

Here is the list of Teams I gained experience from during my period as professional:

1997 – 2001 International cycling rider, category elite /under 23
2002 Professional cycling rider Team Colombia- Selle Italia (COLOMBIA)
2003 Professional cycling rider Team Quick step Davitamon (BELGIUM)
2004 Professional cycling rider Team Amore & Vita Beretta (ITALY)
2005 Professional cycling rider Team Amore & Vita -MC DONALD’S (ITALY)

2009 when I started to swim…then I discovered triathlon…

After this period I took a break from sport (except surfboard) until 2009 when I started to swim on my own in the pool just to keep me in good shape.Was at that point then when I discovered triathlon too so I did some small races that soon became international races. I was still strong because my past as pro cyclist and my run capabilities, that were also good (coming from soccer).As a result I became a professional in 2015 after my victory in Challenge Rimini, after this I decided to stop my job and I became a full-time triathlete.

I had lot of victories this year, but could have been more I injuries wouldn’t have stopped me during months.

Here is some example of my achievements so far:

1st Ironman Taiwan 2015
1st Ironman 70.3 Malaysia 2015
1st Challenge Philippines 2015
1st Challenge Sardinia 2014
1st Challenge Rimini 2014
1st Italian champ.2011
1st Spanish Duathlon Championship 2014
1st Triathlon mid distance Elche Spain 2010/2011/2013/2014
2nd Ironman 70.3 Malaysia 2009
3rd Ironman 70.3 Italy 2015
3rd Ironman Los Cabos
3rd Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote 2016
3rd Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote 2013
3rd Challenge Gran Canaria 2016
4th Ironman Uk 2011
7th Challenge Dubai 2015

I am really can’t wait to start working with all athletes that will be attending my training Camps at SpainTriStages in the great area and space of Santa Pola, Alicante.


Noya, Frodeno y Ryf ganan por relevos el Ironman 70.3 Bahrein
El equipo formado por Daniela Ryf, Javier Gómez Noya y Jan Frodeno ha disputado esta mañana el Ironman 70.3 de Bahrein completando la prueba en un tiempo final de 3:52:08

Terenzo Bozzone y Sara Crowley han ganando la prueba esta mañana en categoría profesional mientras que Judith Corachan ha finalizado octava y Miquel Blanchart decimotercero.

En este equipo la natación la ha distutado Daniela Ryf con un tiempo de 24:23, Gómez Noya completo los 90 km de ciclismo en 2:07:13 y Jan Frodeno los 21 km de carrera a pie en 1:16:07. En la clasificación final este equipo ha finalizado en la séptima posición de la general

Javier Gomez Noya Bici Bahrein


Bozzone, Terenzo 3:41:32
Justus, Steffen 3:42:26
Appleton, Sam 3:44:10
Guillaume, Romain 3:48:29
Plese, David 3:49:16
Costes, Antony 3:50:43
PRO RELAY TEAM, Team 3:52:08
Jarrige, Yvan 3:52:54
TEAM BDF, Team 3:54:47
Cunningham, Richie 3:56:16
Croneborg, Fredrik 3:56:29
Breuer, David 3:57:27
Standidge, Chris 3:57:37
Blanchart Tinto, Miquel 3:57:48
mira el recorrido en 3D

Hoy querìa mover la cabra por el recorrido de la contrareloj individual y empecè tranquilo hasta llegar a la vìa parque . Decidì estirar el recorrido hasta la ùltima rotonda cerca de Alicante donde pone en un cartel azul Alicante . La vez anterior me quedè en la rotonda anterior aunque subì hasta la intersecciòn de la rotonda de alenda en subida . Pero son 600m màs . El viento cuando empecè venìa de alicante , luego cambiò y venìa del mar y del sur, tuve de todo, pero poco a favor.Al final tardè dos minutos menos que la vez anterior , eso significa 1km a 30 km/h y como fueron 600m màs ganè 1,6 km en distancia , lo que està bien, pero tengo que mejorar. El año pasado en la carrera fueron 6 minutos menos que la vez anterior la semana pasada y ya he recuperado 3min. hoy , me faltan otros 3!
Fueron 59,1km de distancia en 2:15:24 de tiempo en movimiento con una velocidad media de 26,2km/h, una màxima de 54,7km/h y un desnivel de 318m de altitud gastando 1.167 calorìas

Frecuencia cardiaca

ppm % máx. Zonas

121 ppm Frecuencia cardiaca media
152 ppm Frecuencia cardiaca máxima
2,7 Training Effect

Tiempo Ritmo Velocidad

2:17:30 Tiempo
2:14:24 Tiempo en movimiento
2:17:30 Tiempo transcurrido
25,8 km/h Velocidad media
26,4 km/h Velocidad media en movimiento
55,7 km/h Velocidad máxima


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