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Para la bici AROFLY, mide potencia, cadencia y velocímetro por US $129.00!

En Elche, han sido robadas estás dos bicis, hace 15 dìas
Son de un Sergio un compañero del grupo ciclista Venida de la Virgen.
Ayudad por favor, difundiendo este mensaje.
Si alguien ha visto estas dos bicis o se las ofrecen para comprar.
Un mensaje simplemente a esta publicación es suficiente.


en brasil intenta robar la bici a unos policìas que iban de ciclistas, en el bosque del sur...


What's The Best Road Power Meter?


AROFLY® is the worlds smallest, most advanced and easiest to install all in one POWER, CADENCE & SPEED METER, displaying biking data in real time via a bluetooth connection to the AROFLY® custom mobile app.Originating from aerospace technology, AROFLY® is the result of years of research and cooperation between Aerospace Scientists & Sport's Biomechanics Professors, developing a patented air pressure differential technology based on the pitottube design, from the F-117 combat aircraft.

It is an all in one, state-of-the -art, hi-tech electronic device, small, compact with quick and easy install, which includes, a Smart Power Meter, Physical Monitoring and personal e-biking coach.All-in-one Bike Meter : all biking information includes Power Meter, in real time displayed on your smart phone.Physical Monitoring : monitors and tracks your endurance, strength, calories…E-Biking Coach : helps correct cycling mistakes, wrong cycling movements, to enhance performance and prevent injuries…


Quick installation of AROFLY® on tire valve in 30 seconds, turns your Smart Phone as a Smart Bike Meter.

Connect AROFLY with App on your Smart Phone. Provides overall biking data of Speed, Cadence, Power, Distance, Ascent…etc. No other requirement of Speed/ Cadence sensors or Power measuring Devices.AROFLY® is compatible with 90% of Bikes in current market, which is the most price competitive, fastest & simplest installation, most compatibility and most advanced Bike Meter in the market.

State-of-Art technology. New invention for bike training .

Bicycle racing involves Speed and Endurance. Cadence is proportional to Speed. The more Cadence, higher the speed. Bikers are most intuitive to Cadence and Speed when training.

Before the invention of bike power meters, the cycling industry trained using mileage and Heart Rate meters to build a performance database. However, the heart rate meters were easily influenced by external conditions, such as weather, temperature, and health conditions of the biker, which cannot display an accurate reading and performance of the training.

Pedaling on a bike creates energy. In Physics, it means "power to displacement" generates "physical quantity" as energy. The more "physical quantity" from bike training, the better performance and the more calorie consumption.

As a result, "Power," for cycling performance is essential for systematic and scientific training, and it can reveal the muscle strength and cycling skill of the cyclist.

Depending on speed only, is not enough and is a myth.

As long as the biker is Cycling, "Power" is required.

This helps to improve fitness, strength and stamina. Adjusting correct cycling posture, will avoid injury and makes biking fun.

The advantages of Power for bike training.

1 For personal physical condition, to set up bike training objectives
2 Knowing the value of Power will show the difference between past, present and future objectives.
3 Transform the physical conditions of strength and stamina in digital, Power Watts while cycling.
4 Digital information helps analyze cycling performance among biking partners, teams and groups.
Acquiring the value of Power (Watt) from the power meter, which is energy efficiency from displacement, this means the Power Meter can transform Muscle Motions to a Digital Value while cycling.

The price of the current Power Meters in the market are expensive, and only purchased by professional cyclists and bikers who can afford it.

With the introduction of the AROFLY, the ultra-smart power meter, is now, very affordable for every biker.

AROFLY® is quick and easy to install, with a friendly interface showing all the useful cycling information on your Smart Phone in real time.

Comparisons with other Meters

Digitialized Physical condition from cyclist High measuring accuracy Portable & changable to different bikes Light weight in 10grm No tools required installation & takes only 30 seconds Bike models compatible Cost Effective. High Performance/Cost Ratio Easlly started for general bikes
AROFLY® O O O O O Fitted 90% bike models O O
S Company O O X X(962g) O 10% X X
P company O O X X X 15% X X
G Company O O X X X 12% X X

How To Start AROFLY®

Install AROFLY on any one of the bike tire valves.

Switch on Bluetooth and open the APP on your Smart Phone. Select your bike type on the APP. Make sure Bluetooth is connected between AROFLY® and your Smart phone. You can start using AROFLY®, follow the APP directions.The APP interface, provides Power, Cadence, and Calorie consumption from AROFLY®.


Max Wu
As a Professional World Cyclist, I find AROFLY® to be the ultimate Biking solution. AROFLY® , helps me in monitoring all the biking data in real time during my practice, which includes, power, speed, cadence, heart rate and a lot more. It is convenient to handle, and very easy to install. AROFLY® is one of the best biking meters, I have ever experienced.

2016 Challenge Taiwan: Chief Coach
2015 Challenge Taiwan: Champion
2013 Challenge Taiwan 113: Taiwan Champion
2012: Coach of Taiwan Triathlon Athletes for London Olympics
2007~2012: National Triathlon Athlete of Taiwan

Eva Xie
Every biking contest is very important; every practice is hard preparation for the main event. Instant and precise biking data and feedback is most needed for my biking preparation. For a demanding professional Cyclist like me, to improve and get an overall bike training and efficiency in a short time, AROFLY® is my best choice

2015 Taiwan National Woman Triathlon: Bronze Medal
2015 Challenge Taiwan: Champion
2013World Police & Fire Games Triathlon Race: Champion

How AROFLY Works

Exclusive algorithmic technology; Status in real testing

Worldwide Patent & Certificate

Wordwide Pattent Taiwan USA Canada European Union Japan China Korea


AROFLY Specification

Size: diameter 2cm
Weight: 10g
Bike compatibility: Road bike, Mountain bike, BMX…
Operating temperature: -30 °C to + 85 °C
Water proof, Dust proof
Battery type: CR 1632
Transmission: Via Bluetooth version 4.0; Frequency: 2.4GHz
Compatible Smartphone: iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus or later Android Smart phone Mobile OS 4.3 or later

PRE-ORDER NOW! AROFLY officially launches February 2017

For orders placed during the Holiday 2016 season (November 1st, 2016 to December 31st, 2016), PLEASE ALLOW 60 DAYS MINIMUM for shipping to Canada, US and International. For orders placed from January 1st, 2017 to January 30th, 2017, PLEASE ALLOW 30 DAYS MINIMUM for shipping to Canada, US and International.

AROFLY® -- Ultra-smart bike meter solution (Bluetooth adapter & App) -- SKU: aro2016

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