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Mas korima ! los tarahumara te ofrecen su alimentaciòn y cultura


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El Triatlón valenciano se viste de gala

El próximo sábado día 10 de diciembre se celebra la Gala Anual de Triatlón.
El salón de actos del Complejo Deportivo de la Petxina se vestirá de gala, a partir de las 19 horas, para celebrar la fiesta del Triatlón valenciano 2016.
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What is Korima?

Korima is one of the cornerstone principles of Tarahumara / Raramuri society. Mas Loco runners and travelers to the Sierra Madre are all served an unforgettable lesson in Humanity when they first come in contact with this beautiful, simple concept: What I have, you have too.

Literally translated, Korima means “circle of sharing”. It’s a basic principle that states it is the community, not the individual, which is the end owner of pretty much everything. Thus, wealth and resources are more evenly distributed among the community, with a special emphasis on the elders and those in less favorable conditions. It is not rare to see a Raramuri worker come back to his family with his earnings and stop by neighboring houses to share some of his salary. Same goes for food and everyday items, and the concept also extends to help with physical work or whatever else might be needed at the time.

Beyond sharing, the principle of Korima also entails the absence of an expectation of return. Sharing is selfless, and thanks or acknowledgements are not be expected. True Korima is, therefore, an act of humility.

Communities who follow the simple rule of Korima put more emphasis on relationships and global well-being. We think it’s a beautiful thing.

Runners, Ultra Runners, Endurance Athletes, Hikers, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Nature Lovers… There are lots of names for folks like us, but one we think fits best – Family.

Yes, we are biased. But we believe it to be true. Some of the best of humanity can be found running on a trail, taking their dog for a long hike in the woods, training for their first 5k, and, for sure, hanging out at a finish line. Runners and other athletes that care about their health, care about critters, care about our world and care about each other – well, those are our people and... Mas Korima - Who We Are
We are Mas Korima.

It started years ago when our friend Micah created a connection with the Raramuri people (known to the outside world as the Tarahumara) and with a large community of good-willed runners that met, bonded, and became family, in the magnificent Copper Canyons of Mexico.

Micah left the world in 2012, and a group of us worked hard at keeping that connection and expanding it. We ran together with our Raramuri friends and used every occasion we had to bring down some goods, some help and some money, which was much appreciated.

Over the years, though, we saw the limits of this model and we wanted to have means to be present in other ways, to genuinely contribute to the community and to show our friends that our involvement was based in respect and, most of all, in equality. Kuira Ba, the famous Raramuri saying, means “We are one”, after all, and serves as a reminder that we must not act as an interference in the Barrancas, but as a force of collaboration.

Mas Korima - Who We AreAfter giving it much thought, we met with our Raramuri friends and we decided, together, that we would try something new. We would work together, as equals, in creating a better outlook for the traditional Raramuri communities. We, the outsiders, would participate in this relationship not as leaders, but as collaborators, humble helpers, and supporting facilitators. Our friends would contribute some of the ideas and be the driving force and primary suppliers behind the products we create. We would all go at this from the same angle, with the same goals. We would create a project of empowerment of Raramuri culture, an eco-business, a company that promotes and celebrates the healthy foods of an ancient, knowledgeable culture of endurance.
We created Mas Korima.

We are a company that crosses cultures and desires to bridge our unique worlds. We are a new collaboration that aims at supporting the Raramuri people to meet the unavoidable, incoming “modernity” on their own terms, an environment where they are making their own choices, and using their traditional ways and knowledge while realizing the world needs their wisdom and heritage. We are using the mechanics of consumer merchandising to bring a fantastic, wholesome, healthy product to the world while bringing some wealth, benefits and cultural empowerment to the Raramuri People of Northwest Mexico.
We know that there will be many challenges, mistakes, and learnings along the way, but we will act fast to remedy them, and are committed to always doing our best. Between the physical and cultural distance that we need to take into account and the crucial importance of approaching our growth at a safe, manageable rate, we must create a frame of reference outside of standard business models and importantly, always consider the human aspect. And that is one of the most exciting things we, the multi-cultural team behind Mas Korima but also the community of endurance athletes and enthusiasts that is our main clientele (our Family), will get to experience. Together.



Arnulfo Quimare

Arnulfo is the Raramuri champion featured in Christopher McDougall's best-seller Born to Run who became the icon of the Raramuri traditional lifestyle; farming, running and sharing with the community. He is known throughout the Barrancas for his endurance and speed and for being one of the best Rarajipare (ball race) players of the Sierra Madre.

His running prowess has taken him many places in North America, Europe and even Asia, where he proudly represents his culture and learns from the world. He has quickly become one of the leaders of his community and he now coordinates the farming and production of the Pinole Mas Korima sources from the vast territory situated between Urique and Batopilas canyons. His vision is to bring many Raramuri back to the small-scale farming lifestyle, which can now not only feed families and the community, but also bring revenue and pride in work well done.

François Bourdeau - Flint Blue Feather - The Seeker

François Flint BourdeauBorn in a faraway place where everyone looked, sounded and thought the same, I quickly developed an insatiable yearning for freedom, adventure and connection. After a first contact with a multicultural city brimming with potential and excitement, I made a decision to move out of a predetermined life into a new one, filled with travel and discovery.

Distance running came as the second revolution, bringing changes in all aspects of my life. From my very first running steps, I unveiled a treasure of health, inspiration and well-being, and I’ve craved for more ever since.

My goals are simple. Own less, connect more. In the face of the unknown, extend a friendly hand. Discover my roots and follow my dreams. Opt for kindness, show my emotions and love unconditionally. Be rich with friends and experiences. Breathe deep. Live well.

Joshua Holmes - The Enabler

Joshua HolmesA Tennessean through and through having been born in ‘The Volunteer State’ nearly four decades ago. I’ve gone on to live in Louisiana, Greece, Italy, and the past several years in Los Angeles. I’ve always been strongly entrenched in my roots which taught me the value of giving back, treating everyone with respect, dignity and compassion, along with sharing with those less fortunate whether it be with time, money, food, or supplies.

I believe we all have a strong power to raise the abilities of those around us by simply setting a good example, and showing an interest in the well being of others. We all have our own issues and insecurities, but often it only takes a little caring and attention to show someone how special and unique they are. Once this happens the skies start to open with bright possibilities of hope as the dark clouds of self-doubt and resentment dissipate.

That is the core concept that led me to creating Run It Fast® - The Club back in 2012. My goal was to build an amazing community of inspirational and driven runners of all levels from across the globe. A club that shows each other what is possible when we quit letting others tell us what we are or aren’t capable of truly achieving. An amazing and encouraging environment of enablers that not only do the impossible but show others they are capable of doing the ‘impossible’ as well. Members now reside in 42 states and 17 countries.

Too often we use our mind to protect our heart instead of using our heart to develop and guide our mind with compassion, love, and common sense.

Ken Rubeli - Mr. Mistoffelees

Ken RubeliAs the original conjuring cat, I’ve had my paws on just about everything. I spent my early lives chasing the almighty dollar on the fixed income streets of Wall Street and the energy derivative roads of Houston. Wanting more, I pressed the dollar denominated accelerator even more firmly during my middle lives by launching and running an energy firm until eventually selling-out and rolling the dice in the casino industry. After burning several more lives as a Las Vegas Casino boss, I did what every burnt-out money chasing capitalist cat does, I quit it all and decided to use my remaining lives to help tens of thousands of kids by heading one of the largest Boys & Girls Clubs in the country.

Of course, my career awakening was accompanied by my desire to try this “running thing”. Although my capitalist pursuits were hibernating, my type-A personality was alive and well. No couch to 5K for this cat. More like couch to 100 mile ultra in a year. Having the woman of my dreams pushing me to go way beyond my perceived limits really got me going in life. While the capitalist pull of money still tugs hard at my leash, this cat has learned to deeply soak in time with my beautiful wife and amazing kids as we wander down this beautiful dirt trail of life. Rest assured, I’m making these last lives count!

Kimberly Miller - The Encourager

Kimberly MillerI have a strong passion for nutrition because I know how much impact it has on our health and wellness. I pretty much aced all my College studies and tests because I loved it and I wanted to make sure I could accurately share the relevance and importance with my family and friends. The fact that Mas Korima will be bringing real nutrition from real sources makes me happy and I am thankful to be part of the team that cares about what athletes (and everyone) puts into their bodies.

I may be a Grandma but I can still get out there and get some dirt on my shoes. I have completed many Ultra Marathons, up to and including a few 100 mile races. Running and exercise are part of my everyday life.

Although my interest in nutrition and overall health are very important to me, I also really enjoy sewing, embroidery and digitizing - I actually have a name for all my machines if that tells you something. Making clothing and other items for my grandchildren is a big part of my daily fun time – so needless to say there will be a few Mas Korima logos embroidered on all three of my Grandkiddos clothing :).

Miguel Lara

A hard-working father and 3-time running champion of the Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco, Miguel is a young man with big dreams and plans for his community.

Born and raised in the village of Porochi, up canyon from Urique, Miguel is increasingly recognized as a local leader, and along with team members Horacio and Isidro he works on improving farming techniques and the diversification of crops, such as chia and amaranth. Miguel is also responsible for coordinating some of the new field operations of Mas Korima's heritage ingredients.

Maria Walton - Poet ButterflyMaria WaltonGrowing up in the farmlands of Indiana, brought appreciation for the blessings of family, community, and honoring the bountiful gifts from Mother Earth. Raised with six brothers, running brought a sense of freedom. My family encouraged me to follow my passion of public servitude with humility and grace.

I’ve always believed that peaceful cultures equally connect through rewarding opportunities created. I am deeply moved by the Raramuri principles of Korima- heartfelt gifts of sharing, kindness, compassion, humility, honor, and respect. The sacred running traditions of the Tarahumara/Raramuri families of the Copper Canyons of Chihuahua, Mexico, have inspired the world. They run free, and live off the land, embracing their rich history, with a firm dedication to family.

Since 2009, I have been blessed by the friendships formed with many families from La Sierra. My life’s passion is to assist in providing opportunities to support the agricultural, economical, and educational sustainability of our friends, as they teach us lessons through nutritional endurance and lasting sustenance.

I am a proud Mother, Grandmother, athlete, and business leader, whose heart is touched by the wisdom gained from all creatures, and cultures. We are a Global Family. Kuira Ba - We Are One, sharing the Message of Hope and Peace.

My sincere love for the music of Mother Earth, community, and poetry strengthens my spirit every moment I Walk in Beauty.

Patrick Sweeney - Wandering Dreamer

Patrick SweeneyMy name is Patrick Sweeney AKA The Wandering Dreamer. I live constantly on the go spending about 10 months a year traveling from race to race, I try to spend as much time as I can outside. I love sunshine, fresh air and being active. If you need to find me search for the nearest beach and sooner or later I will stroll by running barefoot and shirtless, most likely with a belly full of hoppy ale and vegan pizza.

I try to live my life in the present, getting as much out of it as I can. I get excited about the uncertainties of life. I don't follow a plan schedule or even recipes for that matter. Every moment is its own unique opportunity for me to smile, to try something new and to help shape the world the way I want it to be. If you have an adventure planned and you need a buddy drop me a line and I'll probably join in. Cheers!

Michael Miller - Giver of Long Hugs

Michael MillerI believe a long hug is one of the greatest gifts you can share or receive and being part of the Mas Korima team will give me an opportunity to experience both an immeasurable amount of times. I’m a lucky and blessed old man to be part of this gang and the endurance athlete community – I am for sure a better man for it.

I’m excited as heck for the future around here. We are new, and just like a long run I know there will be some ebbs and flows and many learnings, but we are going to do the best we can and have a ton of fun along the way.

Truth be told, I’m just here to hang with friends, get some hugs, support our runner family, and travel to races and call it ‘work’.

Chris 'Tarzan' Clemens - Digital Nomad

Chris Tarzan ClemensThe less I have, the less I have to worry about. I've lived nomadically the last few years with no permanent address, sometimes in a van, sometimes in a backpack, always with my laptop. I travel for adventure and work from anywhere I can find WiFi.

In 2012 I left a promising career to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. Four months and 2,184 miles later I decided I didn't want to go back to the "real world". Since then I've minimized my physical possessions and maximized my experiences in life. In 2014 I moved out of my apartment and into my Honda Element. In 2015 I upgraded to a 1985 Volkswagen Westfalia, quit another job, and drove 20,000 miles around the United States. In 2016 I parked the van, rolled a die, and moved to Ecuador and Peru for three months.

I am an avid runner and am passionate about adventure, being outdoors, and seeing new places. I enjoy cheap beer, instant coffee, and sleeping on the ground. If I'm not in a cafe cranking out digital marketing projects I'm most likely out exploring the world around me.

Clayton Reeves - Corn Counter

Clayton ReevesIt was an easy decision to “opt in” to Mas Korima; to be part of something that provides and gives, versus takes and amasses. To do something that actually makes me proud. And happy. And fulfilled. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

“Corn Counting” for Mas Korima is more than just spreadsheets and financial statements. I do it because it makes a difference. What we do makes a difference to the families from which we source our ingredients. What we do provides healthy nutrition to our fellow runners and athletes.

I’m “only” a half-marathon type runner. I actually spend more of my time on the golf course. And I’m just as concerned about my nutrition on the golf course as I am on a 10 mile run. Athletes are athletes.

I volunteer when and where I can. The combination of empty-nester and entrepreneur allow for it. And those activities are as worthwhile as any that I’ve done.

Lastly so y'all know I got my Graduate degree at TCU, which is in Texas, where I live. I mention this so that you know when you check out our awesome recipe ideas and you see a couple that include BBQ sauce…. You will know those come from round’ there parts.

Stephanie Krinetz - Inspiration Donor

Stephanie KrinetzEveryone of the Mas Korima team got to choose their 'title'... except Stephanie. We did that for her. In fact, we took over her little bio here. See, this woman inspires the heck outta' us. Frankly, she exemplifies our Mas Korima and 'Messenger' tenants: Passionate, sharing, strong, inspiring, encouraging, basically one tough woman with a huge soft hug. Seek out her full story, heck, better yet, seek out the story then come run one of the Beyond Limits events that her and Ken put on to give back to the Running Family for all they have received - and find out for yourself why we love this woman.

Around Mas Korima Steph is responsible for a great deal of the creative aspects, so when you think 'hey that's a cool look', you know from whence it came.

Mario Munoz - Legend Sharer

Mario MunozGrowing up in the Sierra Madre, Mario has always recognized the beauty of the lands and the beauty of the cultures that have existed there for centuries. His passion has been to share so that others may also experience these lands and peoples. He built an eco-friendly lodge so that travelers from far and wide could come visit and see the magic of the Copper Canyons, from within. He loves to share the stories and the legends from the generations. An opportunity to join in his Sweat Lodge is not to be missed! He has also acted as a liaison for many of our Raramuri friends, assisting them as they travel outside of the Canyons to run and meet with other cultures throughout the world. He also has a very important role in supporting Mas Korima's projects within the Canyon and helping us ensure we are doing all we can to to meet the principles of true Korima


Give us a ring (877) 325-3748


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