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Bicis 3D, cuadro de carbòn y Airbike EADS de nylon / impresoras 3d, leapfrog kit del novicio 1.779 €



House of Pain

World's First 3D Printed Bike



Custom 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Bike Frame
If you’re really into cycling and are on this site, chances are that over the years you’ve at least toyed with the idea of making your own frame. There’s something truly special and deeply rewarding about riding something that you’ve built yourself, and being able to choose whatever custom geometry and extras that you want only adds to the appeal.

At that point you probably looked at everything that you needed to do to make a bike. And that’s when things start to get daunting. Before you’ve even thought of the bike, you need to think about the jig. Fabricating a jig with basic versatility and functionality for framebuilding takes time and patience, and the raw materials costs are at least $200 [Instructable example!]
. Rapid-prototyping has pushed the costs of pre-made bike jigs from $1000s down to $300 or so [such as the Jiggernaut],


but if you don’t know how many frames you really want to make, it’s still money that you aren’t putting towards your first frame.

Next, you need to consider the tools that are specific to typical framebuilding. If you want to learn to braze steel frames, an oxy-acetylene starter kit with everything you need to get brazing is something over $200 (plus the price of an additional gas cylinders, brazing rods, and flux that you’ll use). A TIG welder suitable for working with thin-walled steel and aluminum bicycle tubing is more like $1000.

Next, the materials for the bicycle frame itself. While it would be possible to braze a frame with commodity straight-gauge 4130 (chromoly) steel tubing, it would be very heavy and wouldn’t ride very well - bike specific tubesets are double- or triple-butted to save weight and place extra material at the lug junctions. Bicycle specific tubesets will cost you upwards of $100, and a set of lugs and dropouts is about another $100.

If you’ve been adding up the tally, you’re already at more than $600 for your first frame – hopefully you won’t make any mistakes!

I wanted to design a process for building bicycles that allowed an enthusiast to spend less overhead, less time on finicky details, and put the emphasis on actually designing and making a bike that you want to ride.


Airbike bici 3d AEDS

EADS's Airbike is a 3D-printed nylon bicycle, actually looks rather decent

We've seen plenty of neat 3D printing products over the last year or so, though none are as impressive as this bicycle in terms of scale. Unveiled by EADS (European Aerospace and Defence Group), the Airbike is "grown" with nylon powder using a process called additive layer manufacturing, which is similar to 3D printing but with the added benefit of laser-sintering to reinforce the structure. This way the parts can save up to 65 percent in weight while retaining the same strength (of steel or aluminum in this case), and apparently Airbus was quick to pick up this technology well before everyone else (hence named Airbike, in its honor). It's all well and good, except EADS does say there's still some way to go before we can print our own custom Harley-Davidson bikes without breaking our banks. Shame -- as with many things in life, we'll just have to wait.



Creatr Starter Package
starting from €1.799 excl. VAT€2.176,79 incl.VAT

Creatr 3D Printer (single or dual extruder your choice)
6 Rolls of Filament (a selection of our top sellers)
50 Print Stickers
Kapton sheets
Simplify3D™ Software
Creatr toolkit
Leapfrog USB stick
Live installation and training

Easy to install

The Creatr is a real game changer for entry-level 3D printers. The 3D printer is fully assembled and pre-calibrated when it arrives at your doorstep. This means that the installation of the printer does not take up a lot of your time and you will be printing your first object in about 30 minutes! Before you start printing, you will need to unpack your printer and install two software programs; one for the conversion of your design from a 3D software STL-file to a printable file [G-code], and another software program to control the printer.Both are free of charge and available via our website. Interested how this works? Take a look at the Installation tab or our Installation Support page.

Print example: You can print one Coca Cola Bottle [0.5L] in 40 minutes, with one role of filament [1kg] you can print 30 bottles and one bottle will cost you €1,17.
Single or Dual extruder

At Leapfrog, you have the choice between two versions of our 3D printer the Creatr: a Single extruder or a Dual extruder. But what’s the difference between the two? A Dual extruder has two extruders, providing you with the possibility to print with two colors or two different materials at the same time. This also means that you can print with ABS filament and with soluble PLA or PVA filament that can serve as support material.The plastics PLA and PVA are both materials that can be dissolved and do not leave any marks on the surface of your print. The Single extruder has only one extruder, which means that you can only print with one material at a time. Of course it is also possible to print your support material, as well as your design, with ABS filament. However, this means that you will need to break away the support material instead of dissolving it, leaving marks on the surface of your printed object.
Most durable

We at Leapfrog believe in providing a 3D printer that is build to last, combined with superb quality. As a result, the Creatr is made of laser-cut aluminum parts as opposed to wood or plastic.This also means that the accuracy of the printer is unaffected by temperature changes and does not diminish over time, providing you with the best quality.* For orders paid by credit card or ideal. For other payment methods the 72 hours initiate once payment is received.
How to order a Leapfrog 3D printer

It is possible to pay directly by using one of the following methods:

It is also possible to get an online quote: Fill in your details and select your items which you would like an offer on. When you decide to order these item(s), you can confirm the order by transferring the amount to our bank account with the quotation number as reference.

Validity of an online quote is 1 week. The given delivery time is also 1 week longer than when ordering online, and the order starts once we have received the amount on our bank account.


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