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el hombre que amaba ( sexualmente ) las bicis

COPS in Sweden search for man caught on CCTV pleasuring himself against the wheel of a bicycle
Police in Sweden are hunting a man who was caught on camera having sex with a BICYCLE.The man was caught in the act after the bike's owner set up a CCTV camera outside his house to find out who had been slashing his tyres.Footage of the bizarre bike bonk shows a hooded figure straddling the rear tyre, while clutching a piece of paper.The man then punctures a tyre and masturbates while it deflates.

Police in the city of Osterlund are probing a possible link to a similar string of crimes that occurred in the area back in 2007.Then a 35-year-old man was arrested for allegedly slashing the tyres of TWENTY bikes, before ejaculating over the saddles.
Meanwhile, the bike's owner Per Edstrom insists he doesn't hold any grudges - he just wants the mystery man to leave his beloved bike alone.He said: "I am not scared of him, just irritated over all the punctures I have had to fix. -


Tyre-slashing man caught on camera having sex with bicycle
Swedish police hunting man who loves bikes a bit too much

by John Stevenson June 25, 2013

Man filmed having sex with a bike

Annoyed at someone interfering with his bike, a Swedish man has caught a bizarre bike fetishist red-handed.Per Edstrom got fed up that someone kept puncturing his tyres and set up a CCTV camera to try and catch the culprit.What he got was footage of a hooded man holding a piece of paper, getting intimate with the bike. The miscreant stands over the rear wheel of the bike, punctures the tyre and then masturbates as it deflates.

Police in Osterlund are looking for the velophile and believe there may be a link to a series of crimes in the area in 2007. A 35-year-old man was arrested back then for allegedly slashing the tyres of 20 bikes, before masturbating over their saddles.Mr Edstrom says he is willing to forgive the man, but just wants him to leave his bike alone. “I am not scared of him, just irritated over all the punctures I have had to fix,” said Edstrom. “This man is probably completely harmless, bicycles are just his thing.”

The video is frankly a bit ‘ew’ for a family website, although there’s no nudity involved. If you feel you must, you can watch it on YouTube.Unusual as this story is, it’s not the first instance of human-bicycle sexual relations. Earlier this year, Danish police were seeking a man who repeatedly masturbated on a women’s saddle while her bike was parked at a train station.And lest we think this is a peculiarly Scandinavian kink, in 2007 a Scottish man was sentenced to three years’ probation after being caught having sex with his own bike.


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