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SpainTriStages ,campus de triatlòn en Alicante de octubre a mayo, 7 ó 14 dìas

SpainTriStages is officially open, your next Triathlon Stage destination.

August 23, 2016 Roberto Guzman Mesa Reviews

It has been almost one year since SpainTriStages came into our mind and after lots of ideas and research we brought it to live, since 22nd August 2016 we are proud to say, we are open.We came to the idea of offering our Training Playground and creating nice Triathlon trainings Stages/Camps to Triathletes all over Europe, so they can train in dry and good weather conditions, during the worst months of the year.

With a low average of rainfalls and good average of temperature during all year, and with the help of great infrastructure, Alicante is the place to train, so most of the Cycling Pro Teams come to do the pre-season here.

What is SpainTriStages?

We offer Triathlon Stages/Camps/Training, from October until May every next year.

We are fully Certified Triathlon Trainers offering 7 or 14 days Stages/Camps in the area of Alicante (Spain).
Also and thanks to special agreements with events organizers, you will be able to book with us several Special packages of Triathlon Stage + Competition Fee included, even before the event registration starts so you guarantee the best price and a place in this events with us. Check our Packs: Stage + Competition Fee.

Our concept is a mixture between full package of training with accommodation at the same time give the Athletes the freedom to train on their own and of course have the time to visit the surroundings and enjoy the food and people of Spain.We also include a Swim Smooth Masterclass by a Certified Coach into our Stage Packages, with the possibility to have a private session with a full Video Analysis.We take care that your Overseas Triathlon Training is a success.

All our Stages starts at our nice Resort which has all facilities, we will take care of your Airport Pick-up and Drop-off, so your Overseas Triathlon Training is a full success.The accommodations are provided in a Private Chalet for 4 persons with full equipped Kitchen and comfortable beds. The Resort also provides plenty of services as Supermarket, Spa and Gym, Massage Therapist etc….

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any special inquiry, we will be pleased to hear from you.Keep up the good training!



We have splitted the way to measure your level in two ways, according to your Bike marks and/or to your Run marks.

BIKE MARKS – According to FTP – Functional Threshold Power measurements in watts:

Below 3.3 watts/Kg Level 1 All our Level 1 Stages
Between 3.4 and 3.8 watts/kg Level 2 All our Level 2 Stages
Between 3.9 and 4.5 watts/kg Level 3 All our Level 3 Stages
Above 4.6 watts/kg Pro Level Contact us we need a customized stage for you.

RUN MARKS – According to your best or actual 10K mark:

45 Mins or below Level 1 All our Level 1 Stages
Between 45 and 42 mins Level 2 All our Level 2 Stages
Between 41 and 38 mins Level 3 All our Level 3 Stages
37 mins or less Pro Level Contact us we need a customized stage for you.


7 Days Stage – Level 2&3

449€–699€ All taxes incl.

Enjoy Spain (Alicante) in 7 days Triathlon Stage full of training, good weather and perfect location for an off season break.

Our Resort, located in Gran Alacant (Alicante), is fully equipped ( Restaurant, Gym, Spa, Interior and Exterior Swimming pool) and fully secured. Fully fenced and with 24H private security, so all your equipment is secure.
The Salvum Medical Centre within the Resort, has an excellent physiotherapy department.

You will stay in a nice, spacious and comfortable private Chalet ( 4 persons occupancy or upgrade), fully equipped with private bathroom, kitchen, living room space and private terrace.

Check underneath all general details of the stage, visit the “Training Plan” tab for detailed trainings schedule.

All stages run from Monday to Sunday.
Starting and ending at Alicante International Airport.
Pick up Mondays from 9:00 am to 15:00 pm.
Drop Off Sundays from 8:00 am to 13:00 pm.
Variations to this schedule will be considered upon request, contact us.
Base price is calculated per person and 4 persons occupancy per 1 Regular Chalet.
Regular Chalet consist in a separate bedroom with double bed or two single beds + double sofa-bed in living room.
Contact us for any different/special room configuration you might require/wish.
Choose upgrade 2 Per Chalet at booking to have a chalet only for 2.
Choose upgrade 4 in 2 Bedroom Chalet at booking to have a chalet with 2 double bedrooms.
Base price is offered with no meal plan as apartments have a full kitchen, but if you want to upgrade to a “Half Board meal plan”, choose it at booking.
ATHLETE LEVEL This is a Level 2&3 Stage, to get your appropriate level, go to our Choose Your Level page.
NECESSARY EQUIPMENT Bring with you all your Running Equipment, Road bike (optional road bikes for rent “prior booking”), Wetsuit, GPS if you wish to make additional/free trainings. Reparation kit.
All Stages are bookable 15 days before stage starts.
Stages will take place only if a minimum of 4 athletes are booked at each stage (if minimum not reached, all payments for the stage will be refunded without any penalty – except insurances).
Interior Swimming Pool at Resort is only 10 meters long, only suitable for some exercise at free trainings.
All Swim coached sessions, as the SwimSmooth Masterclass, will be done outside the resort in a bigger and comfortable swimming Pool.
If travelling with companions (family, friends…) that don’t wish to train, a discount will apply, please refer to our Customize your Stage form and we will provide a personalized quotation for your Stage.
WHAT’S INCLUDED Airport pick-up and drop off.
Welcome cocktail at briefing.
Accommodation in private chalet (4 persons sharing).
More than 22 hours of coached trainings.
Swim Smooth Master-class by certified coach.
1 entrance to the Resort Spa.
Assistance insurance during coached sessions.
Value Added Tax (VAT) in all our prices.
Farewell dinner and bike jersey.
WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED Bikes, Swim and Run gear.
Further entrance to Resort Spa.
Swim Smooth Video Analysis.
No meals, except welcome cocktail and farewell dinner.
Transfers apart from Airport and to trainings.
Let us know if you have any questions, contact us info@spaintristages.com
Or visit our Customized Stages section, to ask for an specific quotation.


14 Days Stage – Level 1&2

779€–1.149€ All taxes incl.

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