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EuroVelo 1 - Atlantic Coast Route
EuroVelo 2 - Capitals Route
EuroVelo 3 - Pilgrims Route
EuroVelo 4 - Central Europe Route
EuroVelo 5 - Via Romea Francigena
EuroVelo 6 - Atlantic – Black Sea
EuroVelo 7 - Sun Route
EuroVelo 8 - Mediterranean Route
EuroVelo 9 - Baltic – Adriatic
EuroVelo 10 - Baltic Sea Cycle Route
EuroVelo 11 - East Europe Route
EuroVelo 12 - North Sea Cycle Route
EuroVelo 13 - Iron Curtain Trail
EuroVelo 15 - Rhine Route

EuroVelo Cycle Routes
Plan Your Next Cycling Holidays around Europe

Summer is just around the corner and so is, let's say the „need“ for the next cycling holiday. If you are still thinking about the right route and destination, it might help to have a glance onto the EuroVelo bike routes. What is that? EuroVelo is a project of the European Cycling Federation (ECF) that emerged already in the 1990s. It is an European network of long distance cycle routes and the creation is currently still in progress. 70,000 kilometers of bike routes should be done until the year 2020.

By now, 15 different routes are planned, most of them cross whole Europe from north to south or from west to east. Two of them are circular. At the moment, only around one third of the planned cycle routes exists. And unfortunately, even for the existing parts, not everything is signed well. So still a lot of work ahead!

To check out the different cycle routes and their current state, go to the official EuroVelo Website and click on one of them. There you can see the parts that are already finished (marked in green) and those which are not (in yellow or red). If you want more information like sights or sleeping possibilities along the way I recommend you to do some research in the Internet. You might find some information and user opinions in cycling forums and other platforms. Also, you might ask in your travel book store. Some routes are completely covered by books, some not.

To decide which route or part of it is the right one for you... well, it definitely depends on your personal preferences and needs. I personally need sun. Urgently! So my next cycling holiday will be part of the EV7 – The Sun Route. What's yours?

Get inspired!

More infos:

Official EuroVelo Website
Eurovelo Cycle Routes on Wikipedia
Overview Cycle Routes:

Shows information about specific parts of the routes
By the way: If you decided already but are still asking yourself what to take with you on such a trip except your touring bike, be patient. Very soon we will give some hints here in the blog!

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