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25. April 2014
First Look: Mondraker Foxy XR Carbon 2015

Nowadays lots of people talk about innovation, game changing designs and other magical products, terms like these become almost throwaway, as to be honest, there are not many really innovative products out there anymore.

When Mondraker invited us to their exclusive media camp in Alicante, Spain, we new that the product they would present would be something special. And yes, it was a bike, they simply called: THE Bike. Mondraker chose not to confine this bike to one artificial category (enduro, all-mountain, trailbike or whatever you might want to call it). They called it THE bike to do it all – a very self-confident statement.

For the presentation of the new bike we were brought to a remote island close to Alicante.Everything seemed to be prepared perfectly for the test session. But before we could get our hands on the bikes it was time to go over all the technical information about the new Mondraker.During the presentation you could hear and see the excitement about the new bike in Miguel Pina’s eyes, Brand Manager of Mondraker Bikes.“The Mondraker Foxy XR Carbon is the most advanced bike we ever made” – Israel Romero, Mondraker

So what makes this bike so special and different to the other trail bikes out there? Watch the video and find out:

With 11.9 kilograms without pedals the Foxy XR Carbon is very lightweight.The Mondraker Foxy XR Carbon is more than just sexy – it comes with some really innovative features."Zero" is Mondraker's patented virtual pivot point suspension system, consisting of two links that compress and control the movement of the rear shock at both ends.The Foxy XR Carbon offers 140 millimeters of travel at the rear…

... and 160 millimeters in front (Fox 34 Talas Kashima 2015). XR stands for Xtreme Racing. All the other models come with 140 millimeters of travel in front.The Foxy’s Fox suspension already had the internal tuning of the 2015 models – making a huge difference to performance!

Remote lever for the CTD system of the Fox suspension.Mondraker’s Forward Geometry has already won several international prizes including the Design & Innovation Award 2013.

“Forward Geometry is based on a geometry with longer top tubes paired with shorter stems: The total length added to the top tube is the same amount by which the stem is shortened, so the contact points of the rider with bike remain exactly the same compared to conventional geometry; the only difference is that the front wheel axle stands more forward (longer wheelbase) resulting in better control of the bike and superior handling.”

27.5" wheels for the Foxy XR Carbon.The ‘Stealth Carbon Technology’ stands for the complex carbon structure and layer design. Looking at this frame there is no doubt about the skilled craftsmanship involved.HHG - internal cable routing and the frame protector mounted to a ISCG05 standard are some of the Foxy's clever details.The bike’s finish is astonishingly smooth. In combination with the stealth design, this bike is pure sex.The mudguard protects the exposed rear shock from mud.

The Foxy’s geometry chart (with 140 millimeter fork). The new Foxy Carbon model with Forward Geometry will be available as four different models and in four different sizes: S, M, L and XL.

The Foxy XR Carbon comes in at 6.999€, the Foxy RR Carbon at 5.999€.

The Foxy R Carbon costs 4.999€, the Foxy Carbon 3.699€.

The test bikes ready for shredding!

Robin Schmitt tested the brand new Mondraker Foxy XR Carbon on Spanish soil in Alicante! Vamos tio!

Excited discussions after the first test ride – stay tuned for our review in issue #010 INT being released at the beginning of May.We were told that we would love the bike, and the guys from Mondraker were right. It’s a bike that left us excited, astonished and enthusiastic! Without wanting to sound emotional, this bike is really special! If you want to know how and why it performs, you will have to wait just a little longer and read about it in the next issue released at the beginning of May! Stay tuned!

Find more info here:


Domingo, 27 de abril, 2014 - 11h53
Una turista confunde a Richard Gere con un vagabundo y le ofrece comida
AFP Nueva York
Una turista francesa que paseaba por Nueva York se topó con un hombre que revisaba la basura y le ofreció una pizza, sin darse cuenta de que se trataba del actor Richard Gere en pleno rodaje.

Karine Valnais Gombea, de 42 años, se encontraba cerca de la estación Gran Central cuando vio a un hombre con un sombrero hundido hasta las orejas que revisaba la basura, informó este domingo The New York Post.

La mujer salía de una pizzería con su marido y su hijo de 15 años, y le ofreció lo que le quedaba de su comida. El hombre le preguntó entonces qué había en la bolsa que le estaba entregando.

"Intenté decirle en inglés, pero me salió la mitad en francés. Le dije 'lo siento, pero la pizza esta fría'", contó al diario.

El hombre le respondió: "Muchas gracias, que Dios la bendiga".

La mujer se marchó sin saber que había entregado la pizza a Richard Gere, de 64 años, que se encontraba rodando su nuevo filme "Time out of Mind". Lo descubrió dos días después, cuando el diario publicó una foto.

"Fue mágico, increíble que algo así pudiera suceder", dijo la francesa.

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