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¿dònde roban bicis en UK ?

Team Sky staff altercation with supporters during Tour de France 2013 - Stage 20 /
At the end of stage 20, finishing up Semnoz pass, a Sky car was hit by a camper van backing up. When the Sky staff got out to check, they were attacked by supporters, in particular the camper van driver. They didn't answered back the knocks and were surprised by the violence of the attack. In the end, you can see them leaving the scene as advised by my brother (the one with the grey backpack), who was actually the only guy speaking english and therefore able to advise the Sky guys. We heard a lot of anti-sky, anti-english comments, treating them of "all juiced" and telling them to "go back home" (those comments were in French). Personally, me, my brothers and my friend, we were shocked and disgusted by the attitude of those people, clearly they spent all the day drinking and the nice weather heated up everybody. And they were quick to attack and insult anybody. We tried our best to advise and sort out the situation, it was unexpected, and hopefully very rare. It was a cool day supporting every rider we saw inculding the Sky ones, good memories and "Vive le Tour !"


Una web para controlar el robo de bicis
Escrito por Roberto Ruiz el Mar, 23/07/2013 - 13:24
Inglaterra y Gales ya tienen una web que utiliza los datos de la policía para registrar las bicicletas robadas. Se indica el punto exacto del robo y el estado de su búsqueda, así los usuarios saben en qué zonas hay que tener especial cuidado para que no termine en manos ajenas, aunque viendo el mapa lo difícil es atreverse a dejar la bici en la calle.

En España hay Webs como http://BicisRobadas.net que permiten incluir o denunciar públicamente el robo de tu bici, pero de momento se nutren sólo de las aportaciones que hacen los afectados. En Gran Bretaña han ido un paso más allá y acaban de lanzar Stolen Bike Statistics,

un sitio que reúne todas las denuncias de robos de bicis en Inglaterra y Gales usando datos de la policía.

El usuario puede introducir su código postal en la Web para comprobar los robos registrados en un milla a la redonda, distinguiéndose los puntos de robo con un código de tres colores: rojo, la policía ha abandonado la búsqueda de esa bici; amarillo, la policía está trabajando en ello; y verde, casi resuelto, en espera de la sentencia de los tribunales.

La concentración de muchos puntos en un mismo sitio indica al usuario que es una mala zona para dejar la bici por ahí, algo que ocurre en áreas universitarias, hospitales o zonas empresariales. Sólo en mayo de 2013 se robaron más de 7.800 bicis entre Inglaterra y Gales y los datos se irán actualizando cada mes para controlar cada bicicleta desaparecida.

La Web la ha puesto en marcha John Moss, fundador de otra Web similar llamada Stolen Bikes in the UK


donde los usuarios pueden denunciar por sí mismos el robo de su bici. Según Moss la nueva Web pretende alertar a los usuarios de los puntos más peligrosos para dejar la bici e insistir en extremar las precauciones ante los amigos de la ajeno, porque todos pensamos que efectivamente se roban bicis, pero eso no nos va a pasar a nosotros... hasta que nos pasa.


Securing Your Bike
mossj88 | Informative |
bikekitIf you’ve just got a new bike it’s really important that you take some of the below tips to heart with 1 in 4 new bikes being stolen within 2 years and a vast majority of those never being recovered there is a very real chance that if you don’t take action your bike will end up on the front page of this website or others like it.
Record your bikes details
So you’ve just got your new bike, it’s nice and shiny and it’s sunny outside, time to go for ride? Stop! There are a few vital details you can record that dramatically increase the chances of recovering your bike should it ever be stolen.
Read more about recording your bikes details
Lock your bike… PROPERLY!
Welcome to the arms race! Unfortunately no lock on the market can resist a determined bike thief so the object of locking your bike properly is simply to make the thief look elsewhere for easier pray.
Get the right lock
See those cable locks? walk right past them and go for a Dlock which are much harder to defeat without the use of power tools. I personally recommend the Kryptonite New Yorker, which comes with a anti-theft guarantee.
Location, location, location
Try to find dedicated bike racks in busy areas that are covered by CCTV, the more bikes using it the better.
Use your lock correctly
If you don’t use your lock correctly you may as well have not bothered.
Ensure that you at the very least include a major part of the frame, try to include one wheel as well, and if you have a second lock loop that around the other wheel and frame.
Place the lock in a way that it can’t be moved lower to the ground, this stops bike thieves using the ground as leverage when trying to break your lock.
Try to keep the lock tight around the object and the bike, so it’s harder for the thieves to move the lock around looking for a weak spot.
Other practical tips
If you come back to your bike and find that the tyres have been deflated or another lock is on it, don’t leave your bike. It’s a common tactic that thieves are using, so they can wait for the area to be quieter before taking the bike.
Placing random bit’s a Gaffa tap on your seat and other choice components can make your bike less appealing to a bike thief.
In high crime areas you can secure your accessories by putting a ball bearing in the nuts, sealed with melted wax. Alternatively cheap cable locks or specialist locking nuts do the same job.


Insuring your bike
mossj88 | Informative |

Unfortunately if you were to go out and buy a new bike, the law of averages would say that it will be stolen within 23 months. Because of this it really makes it a no brainer to get a decent level of bicycle insurance, at least whilst your bike is worth a decent amount.
If you do have any experiences (good or bad) with the below insurer let me know in the comments.
ETA Cycle Insurance From £21.31 a year
Includes: Theft, accidental damage & vandalism (including triathlons & events); No de-valuation of your bike over time; £1m third party and personal accident; Shed and garage storage covered; Covers bikes up to £5,000; Low excess – 5% (£25 minimum); Discount for folding bicycles; Cycle Rescue (breakdown cover for your bicycle); 90 days Europe + 60 days worldwide; Electric bikes covered as standard
It’s well worth checking to see if your covered under your house insurance, as this may be a cheaper option, although you may lose out on some of the features ETA offer.


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